The Forbidden Elixir - Emme Ya - Ophidian Fetish Mandala (CD, Album)

Fifteen years? I was surely able to see the demon within the seals, but Sadiz was amazed by the fact that nothing was visible. Trying to scare me and pushing me down to get intimate is meaningless. So stay a virgin for a while. Mischief from god? Even though I was obsessed with this sword, but… Child, you are curious as well!

You wanna get beat up! I was so engrossed that I swung at the demon. However, the demon who I thought got hit without doubt slipped through my attack. Your attack is meaningless to a spiritual body. However, tis you who is fortunate as all that remains is a spiritual body. Business Term: Purchase.

Publisher: Listening Library. ISBN: Port No. Send via FTP. Product recommendations. View all 4 comments. Jun 30, Arlene rated it it was amazing Recommended to Arlene by: Tina Shelves: read , favorites , surprise-surprise-i-cried , top-ten-of-all-time , shock-n-awe. Rating Clarification 10 stars Or rather… the highest rating I can ever imagine giving a book As an avid reader you come across dozens and dozens of books hoping the next one you pick up will either move you to uncontrollable tears, challenge your belief system, take you on an emotional rollercoaster, show you love, make you feel hate, sigh with happiness, leave you with a sense of longing, or simply just close the book when you're done and say to yourseslf "wow, that was absolute perfection.

For those that know me, they can attest to the hard fact that I don't cry over books Well, I can no longer claim that fame. My eyes are still watery as I write this review. I am truly exhausted emotionally and psychologically after reading this book and all I can think of is torturing myself by starting at page one all over again and reading through this masterpiece from the beginning to end.

Angst to the 10th degree BY FAR! The content shocked me but the writing and delivery left me in awe. I truly believe not just any author could have taken this taboo subject and delivered it with such flawless execution that you begin to root for the main characters as they make choices and feel emotions that are so NOT socially, or legally, acceptable.

Forbidden takes the reader into the lives of Lochan and Maya Whitely. They are two teenage brother and sister forced to care for a family of five when the father exits their life and the worst mother in the entire world abandons them. Together they raise Kit, Tiffin and Willa, and do their best to keep their family together despite ongoing challenges and struggles. Lochan and Maya cry together, comfort each other, and see one another's vulnerable side, but unfortunately, they also share a burden inexplicable to the outside world.

Their burden is a love so strong that it crosses boundaries society deems unacceptable as it goes deeper than sibling affection. I despised the loser mother of this book with such a passion, and that just propelled my level of compassion for Lochan and Maya. My heart broke for the smaller children as they learned too early that for some For Lochan and Maya, I was in constant angst as the logical side of my brain wanted to counsel them and tell them, "no.

My mental babble… or rather battle was constant and the conflict I felt was emotionally charged to a level I wasn't prepared for, especially the ending. But to be honest with myself, I wanted them to love each other the way that felt natural to them… so yes, at the end of the day… I rooted them on. There you have it. To anyone that feels this is disgusting, I challenge you to read this book because believe me, it's insane to feel or see yourself seamlessly accepting and rooting for two people as they cross that forbidden boundary.

I absolutely love and slightly curse this book for how and what it made me feel and I know for certainty that I'll read it over again… and again… and again.. I tend to be on the conservative side with the books I recommend to my fellow avid readers, and this one would be one that I'd probably not openly share and say, "you must read this book" but if you do, I'll be here when you're done and we can talk or cry together.

Oct 12, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , favorites , contemporary. This story is forbidden Their love will have devastating consequences I just cant! I needed to know how it ends and when that moment arrived I cried my eyes out.

Lochie's and Maya's This story is forbidden Lochie's and Maya's love is doomed from the beginning. They are siblings and it is against the law to have an affair. What they feel may be considered as twisted or even sick but in this case you cant even feel disgusted by the events.

While she is looking back to her life all she can see is Lochan. Under other circumstances they would have never fell for each other. Their life has always been difficult and they never acted like children. Their drunk mum loaded them her responsibilities while she decided to relive her "teen" years and have fun with her boyfriend like she's in highschool. That leaves Lochan and Maya to take care of their youngest siblings. As you can see they act more like parents instead of siblings. They have to take care of a self-destructive 13 year old boy,Kit who never experienced the true maternal love,Tiffin and Willa who will do anything to draw their mum's attention but like always she's too busy to occupy herself with her kids.

Their attempts to keep the family alive are futille but they manage to find a way and stop falling apart. Lochan is probably the most broken person of the family. His ongoing battle with the world around him is wearing him off.

He has fears, he feels lonely but he is not. At the end of the day Maya will always erase his pain because she is the only one who can understand him. Her compasion and the way she loves him make me feel grateful that they have each other. However they cant be together. They have already broken too many rules.. The fear of their illegal actions coming to surface haunts them every day but they are in love,they dont hurt anyone,right?

It's amazing how this story does not feel wrong at all. They try together to survive and face the ghastly face of life. The story is heart wreching. Every chapter left me with tears not only becasue their mum was a total idiot but also because their love was so heart warming. I was living it with them. About the ending Read it and you'll see Last but no least the writing style is so captivating and everything is written so poetically that you will find yourself hung by the lines. Totally amazing!

View all 66 comments. It's risky, disturbing, and altogether, a masterpiece. It's not inappropriate just to be obscene; there's a moral behind it. It's so hard to describe. Lochan and Maya are self-aware, trapped in this miserable lifestyle that is so impossible yet I found myself absurdly empathizing with them. A book that tugs on the heart strings, and definitely veered in a direction I wasn't expecting.

The reason I took off half a star is b 4. The reason I took off half a star is because this book was a bit "borderline" for me. Borderline too cheesy. Borderline too unrealistic. However, this was written so beautifully and and it is so different than anything I've ever read before, I have to give it credit.

I guess I jinxed it. View all 8 comments. My second time reading this one was no easier than the first, in fact I would like to say I would never read this again, its too hard, but I know I will. Lochie and Maya are unforgettable characters.

This is an incredible and unforgettable story. My original review posted I am a complete mess- a total wreck after reading this book.

Two people in love- a love that nobody else could possibly understand. This is a love story. Between Lochan and Maya. Two best friends, who happen to be brother and sister. After being abandoned by their father, and having a absent mother, who spends way more time with her younger boyfriend than at home, Lochie and Maya bear the responsibility of running the household and caring for their three younger siblings.

They love each other and count on each other. They are not much like siblings, more like partners. In school, Lochie is a little socially awkward.

But at home with Maya, he is able to be himself completely. God, how could anyone be? We all know that without you this family would fall apart. We share the burden together and she is always on my side, by my side.

Lochie and Maya both started to develop romantic feelings for each other. No one, Maya, no one can ever take that away from us. I wanted nothing for than for Lochie and Maya to be able to be together, love each other and have a happy ending. They loved each other so much and they just wanted to be together. Why is that such a crime? I want to be able to hold you and kiss you and- and do all the things people in love are allowed to do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

The characters were wonderful. I loved Lochan and Maya so much. Why are people so judgmental? If their love is consensual and not hurting anyone, what is the problem?

I do understand family members should never be able to procreate for obvious reasons, but It they just want to be together whats so wrong with that??? Not as long as this is what we both want. Not only did I cry while reading, I cried after reading, I am still crying writing this. Such a tragic ending. I am hurting.

I wanted so much more for them. I saw the ending of this playing out in a lot of different ways, but him dying??? It was so awful. Lochie never would have wanted that.

That was what he wanted; that was his choice; that was the price he was willing to pay for me to continue living, for me to have a life worth living. If I die too, his ultimate sacrifice will have been in vain. Read: Re-Read: View all 97 comments. Mar 01, Lainey rated it it was amazing. I am legitimately sobbing right now. Silent tears. I just need a couple days to collect my thoughts for review. This is honestly a book that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Jan 18, Nomes rated it did not like it Recommends it for: fans of daytime "soapies" and melodrama, curious peeps.

Shelves: not-for-me , , out-of-the-loop , alternating-m-f-pov , uk-ya. The love Lochan feels for Maya his sister is all-consuming.

In his mind it is love, no doubt, but it is a dark, all-consuming force. He is possessive, jealous, brooding and manipulative as he clings and wrestles with his desire for his sister. It's hard-core, and Suzuma goes all out with poetic prose and cheesy statements. The only characters I really cared for in this book were Lochan and Maya's siblings, who are neglected and abandoned and I genuinely ached for them although their problems take a back seat behind the incest-love-drama I found the prose a little heavy to trudge through and the sex scenes a bit too explicit okay, they were too tackily explicit for my preference.

I get why it has garnered so much curiosity and also why so many people are gasping and weeping at the end. It is gripping and shocking and makes for an unrelenting read. It's quite dark and I felt like a heavy weight was sitting on my chest as I was reading it.

View all 18 comments. But in the end, it was all worth it, because Forbidden was such a thoughtprovoking, powerful and emotional story and despite all the anguish and heartbreak in it, it's eas "How can something so wrong feel so right? When I look back at my life, all sixteen years and a half of it, Lochan was always there. She considered him her best friend, and despite him being a year older, they've always been equals.

She knows Lchan has trouble connecting to other people and she does whatever she can to make him smile and be happy, even if it's just for a minute. Slowly but surely, however, the feelings she has for him turn into so much more than just the love between siblings. And although she tries to hide it behind smiled and meaningless words, after a while it becomes harder and harder to hide her true feelings for him.

I don't want to need her, to depend on her, but I do. I really do. At school, he never answers questions in class, never participates in oral assignment, never talks to anyone. He's intelligent and handsome but he has no friends, let alone a girlfriend. The only people he has no trouble spekking to are his brothers and sisters.

And the only person he can really be himself with is his slightly younger sister Maya. She's the only one who understands him and supports him no matter what. Together, Maya and Lochan always pull each other through.

They're not only brother and sister, but best friends as well. They're soulmates who can always count and rely on each other. But what happens when their love turns into something more than just the love for a family member? And how come, even though what feels so right and natural to them, is frowned upon by all the rest of society? This story made me think about those "unconventional" types of relationships and realize at people should be able to decide for themselves who they want to be with.

Especially in the case of Maya and Lochie, who love each other so unconditionally, so irrevocably, who are we, "the society" to judge them and decide they can't be together? I think it's wrong to condemn them for expressing their true feelings and that as long as they harm no one else, why shouldn't they be allowed to live their live together, in peace Without Maya, I lose all three; apart we will slowly die.

Days after finishing it, I often still think about this unconventional love story that will make you want to root for the unfortunate ones. Lochie has to be one of the most tragic, loveable and unforgettable characters I've ever come across view spoiler [which made reading how his life ended at the end of the story, all the more heartbreaking. Being together, we harm nobody; being apart, we extinguish ourselves.

View all 91 comments. Aug 30, karen rated it liked it Shelves: why-yes-i-ya , icky-sex. View all 67 comments. Monday buddy reading with Rosa,Melissa and Meli :D This book broke my heart into pieces and I am still trying to recover from this emotionally intense and chocking reading!!!

I struggle for words to describe a book that put me the dilemma of fobidden love between two sibblings This is one very special book. It is not a book that will give you the happy ending! You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.

Anon F Monday buddy reading with Rosa,Melissa and Meli :D This book broke my heart into pieces and I am still trying to recover from this emotionally intense and chocking reading!!! Anon Forbidden is a story about Lochan and Maya who were the two elder siblings in the Whitely household. Chris Fox. Mark Dunn. TaKashi MuraKami. Gary Rosenberg. Purchasable with gift card. It is accompanied by 5 sigil cards representing each track.

Again I am left amazed by Edgar's ability to compose works that are so deep and captivating to the listener. Fever Ray - Red trails Jin Yerei edit Quadron - Strange fruit Jin Yerei edit Sade - Slave song Jin Yerei edit Jin Yerei - Es la kebab bonus mix Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info. Privacy Policy Cookie Notice Terms and Conditions WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

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  1. EMME YA is the in deep exploration of Edgar Kerval exploring the ritual ambient vibrations and dismal atmospheres. the first album was recorded in other projects as: The Red Path, Totem, Urban Shamanism, Nox and other collaborations projects are included here! more.
  2. EMME YA "Ophidian Fetish Mandala" is 5 tracks totaling over 45 minutes. It is accompanied by 5 sigil cards representing each track.
  3. Explore releases from Forbidden at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Forbidden at the Discogs Marketplace.
  4. "Ophidian fetish mandala",is the transmission in a series of substantial inner process through the black sun,the alchemical process visualizing parallel enigmatic paths,suggestive paradigms through more than 45 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient in its most pure form. The Cd comes with 5 cards of the ophidians vibrations focused while creating.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Enter The Forbidden on Discogs/5(8).
  6. About Forbidden Forbidden is an American thrash metal band from the San Francisco, B ay Area. Their debut album was released in The title of this album refers to their original name before shortening it to Forbidden in when signing with Combat/Relativity.
  7. Forbidden book. Read 9, reviews from the world's largest community for readers. She is pretty and talented - sweet sixteen and never been kissed. He i.
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