Shirley Melton - Hardly Anymore / Pickin Up The Pieces (Vinyl)

In addition to premiering works by young composers from both the Curtis Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, she has collaborated with Ned Rorem and Jennifer Higdon. Hicks was a faculty member at the Curtis Institute of Music from , and continues her affiliation with Curtis as Staff Conductor.

Her work with the Curtis Symphony led to a one-season appointment as assistant conductor to the UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra, an ensemble she trained intensively for Music Director James Levine, to whom she acted as assistant conductor.

Trained on both the piano and viola, she was a prizewinning pianist by her early teens. She holds a degree in conducting from the Curtis Institute of Music, where she studied with renowned pedagogue Otto-Werner Mueller.

In her spare time, Hicks enjoys running, yoga, her German shepherd, cooking and eating with her husband, blogging, traveling, and songwriting. All titles by George Fenton Antarctica! In he composed the score for the BBC Natural History series, Trials of Life, his first collaboration with Alastair Fothergill and the start of a creative relationship that has.

This trilogy has changed the face of natural history filmmaking, bringing the wonders of the planet to mass audiences worldwide. Following its international success, Fenton was asked to create Planet Earth in Concert, which toured America in and is set to embark on its first UK tour this summer. Frozen Planet in Concert completes the trilogy and premieres at these concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in July Alongside his work in natural history, Fenton has continued to compose for theater and film.

Allan Pineda Lindo, better known as Apl. Born in Angeles. City, Pampanga in the Philippines, Apl. Today, he is on a mission to go back to the Philippines to build a bridge that links the country, its people, and culture to the global entertainment world in such a way that has not been done before.

Like many Filipinos, Apl. The eldest of seven, he would farm sweet potatoes, corn, sugarcane, and rice to help earn money for his family. At 14 years of age, through an adoption program, Apl. Within weeks of his arrival, he would meet William Adams a.

Together, the two, with Jaime Gomez a. Taboo and Stacy Ferguson a. By consolidating the efforts of various companies and non-government organizations NGOs , BP seeks to build 10, new classrooms in two years or less. According to Undersecretary Rizalino Rivera of the Department of Education DepEd , with the current backlog of 66, classrooms, the private sector boost to the construction effort is most welcome. By official estimates, it would take over P40 billion to fill this gap.

Since the government has very limited funds with which to build classrooms, public schools often have to cram students in each classroom meant for 40 pupils.

Some schools are forced to hold classes in corridors and under trees. Lopa, NCAF president. Known for his work with The Black Eyed Peas, who have sold 31 million albums and 58 million singles worldwide, he also.

Frontman and founder of The Black Eyed Peas, will. In , will. While in London, will. As a musician, producer, director, and advocate for education, he is an enthusiastic user of technologies in both his professional.

In recognition of his ability to harness technology to enhance entertainment, creativity, and communication, Intel Corporation appointed will as Director of Creative Innovation in With a commitment to inspire kids to stay in school and go to college to become the leaders of tomorrow, will.

The i. Recognized and honored by numerous industry organizations, will. The multi-talented and exceptionally stylish Jaime Gomez, also known to his band mates and fans as TABOO, is not just a member of the global chart-topping sensation The. Black Eyed Peas, but also an accomplished dancer, actor, author, shoe designer, and philanthropist, and is quickly becoming a global DJ sensation.

Born in East Los Angeles, Taboo followed his dream of being an entertainer and rose. The fates aligned in when Taboo was introduced to his fellow band mates will. In November , they released their sixth album, The Beginning. In February , the group had the honor of performing at the Superbowl XLV halftime show, solidifying them as one of the biggest acts in music history.

Taboo also has the distinction of being the first Mexican-American to headline the Superbowl halftime show. Having sold over a staggering 55 million albums worldwide, the Grammy-winners have brought their enigmatic fusion of pop, hip-hop, and dance music to a huge global audience.

Taboo has been a driving force of their unique style and energy, which comes across on or off the stage. He is a model of how a true artist should be. From then on, Ogie become one of the most sought after OPM hit makers. For three consecutive years, he received nominations from the Awit Awards.

Ogie reached one of the major highlights in his career in when he celebrated his 10th year in the showbiz industry. Year after year, Ogie has created quality projects. In , he signed with MCA Universal, releasing an album entitled Now and Then, composed of revival and original cuts. In , Ogie founded his own record label, IndiMusic.

From to the present, Ogie has been one of the most prolific songwriters and in demand performers of the Philippines. He is behind the fame of many known singers as well. Through its community partnerships, Culture Shock LA brings urban arts training to students throughout the Greater Los Angeles area; striving to expose children and adults to the positive attributes of the hip-hop culture by teaching social skills, a positive work ethic, and self-respect alongside the basic training of visual and performing arts.

For more info, visit CultureShockLA. Aside from her regular performances and special invitations for corporate events, she has also invaded theater as she performs in numerous musical acts, such as the Valentine musical entitled Something Stupid Called Love, held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Dessa continues to make waves with her local achievements. With her capability to carry out diversified music in her unique and notable interpretation, there is no doubt that mounting a full performance would be easy.

As she started at a young age, she has reaped the fruit of her patience and love for her craft to stand out and create a name that she would be known for.

This young achiever has never stopped exploring her talents, true to her vision. Every day is a challenge and each opportunity deserves the greatest devotion.

Her warmth, humility, wit, sense of humor, and genuine love for people endeared her to many. For these, she has earned two gold records, several awards and distinctions, and has traveled to many parts of the world to perform. She said that it was wonderful recording and singing carols in August. She was able to fulfill her dream of writing a Christmas song after years of trying. Currently, Becca is recording another CD of original compositions and will be returning to her thespian roots.

It is in her walk with the Lord that she finds true meaning, purpose, and unfathomable peace. My hope is that I may ever be counted a worthy vessel. There was a lot to do in a short time frame, but it was also the first time that Morris and Becca worked on a project with their daughter, Natasha.

The opportunity to collaborate not just as a family, but also as artists, was beyond expectation — a true gift. Returning to Los Angeles, Becca put the final touches to her Christmas CD, then left for a series of appearances and shows in the Philippines. She hit the ground running — performing, ministering, and appearing on TV and in various shows and ministries there.

While in Manila, Becca was also invited to return to the legitimate stage, something she walked away from years ago. With newfound excitement, she is seriously considering the offer. She was also blessed with the opportunity to sing at Catalina Jazz Grill, where a group of artists performed to raise funds for the victims of a typhoon that left many in her country homeless.

They represent the truest practitioners of the. Between 40 and 50 years ago, they were witnesses to and active participants in this once-popular Filipino courtship tradition. Their services were so highly sought after that fifteen serenades in a single night was a common affair in their respective provinces. Francisco or Ti Ikong, a septuagenarian at the time, was a virtuoso of the banduria and octavina, and had kept his band of equally virtuosic and equally vintage rondalla players.

At the age of 9, Florante found himself jamming with the most authentic and experi-. The harana, though the name of this particular musical style, also refers to the traditional practice of courtship itself, whereby a maiden is serenaded beneath her window at night.

Men with lesser singing abilities often sought the assistance of master haranistas, who were familiar with the many songs that were sung in various stages of courtship. The Panawagan sometimes called Pamanhikan were a subset of songs that were sung outside the window respectfully, announcing their presence. The Pagtatapat proposal were songs sung once they were let in the house.

This stage also encourages the woman to respond through her own song. Men sometimes hung by a thread, waiting for the song with which a woman chose to respond, to find out whether it was reciprocal, unrequited, or simply playful.

The visit always ended with a subset of songs called Pamaalam goodbye. Although the practice has since died out, the music survives, preserved and even elevated to an art form worthy of a concert piece. Florante Aguilar champions Philippine music, not only through solo guitar, but with singers and ensembles performing throughout the United States.

He is well known in his community and is often seen performing around the city of Vigan during Christmas and town fiestas. He learned many of the songs when he was growing up performing in sarswelas, which he refers to as entablados — live comic operettas performed in the town plaza. In , Alonzo, who is a self-taught guitarist, recorded Ilocano haranas for Villar Records. Born in Maragondon, Cavite, Romeo Bergunio recently won first place in a harana-singing contest for seniors in his hometown.

He learned from his father and grandfather many old and unknown songs not often heard on the radio, thus preserving the songs completely through oral tradition. He specializes in kundiman songs, both in their rudimentary form as well as in the more formalized structure championed by Philippine composers such as Nicanor Abelardo. Celestino Aniel was born in in the. Aniel learned many popular songs through the radio and recordings from the s to the s, such as those of Ruben Tagalog, Larry Miranda, Ric Manrique, Jr.

Aniel is often seen singing around his hometown for friends and small gatherings. He is comfortable playing traditional Western classical music as a virtuoso, and also ventures into contemporary music and other genres with ease. But his true love and affinity belongs to the bygone-era music he grew up with in the Philippines: the harana.

Born in Manila, Florante grew up in the Cavite province, where he learned to play the octavina in a rondalla group. At an early age, he picked up the guitar by way of rock and roll and by sixteen was enrolled at the University of the Philippines College of Music, where he was trained as a classical musician. Florante also studied with internationally recognized Filipino guitarist and conductor Michael Dadap, and has performed in master classes of guitar luminaries such as David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, David Starobin, Frederic Hand, and Benjamin Verdery.

Immediately realizing the incredible future that lay before her, she has tirelessly. The recognition Vanessa received quickly brought her to the screen. She played Gabrielle Montez, the sweet girl torn between her attraction. Vanessa followed up her High School Musical hits by starring in Bandslam, a film centered around a high school misfit and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their love for music.

In August of that same year, she made her Hollywood Bowl debut in the musical Rent. Although acting has consumed much of her time, Vanessa still has been able to devote herself to singing and performing.

She followed up in with her second album for Hollywood Records, called Identified. Hudgens resides in Los Angeles. Under the leadership of Joel Jacinto, Barbara Ele, and Ave Jacinto, Kayamanan is committed to presenting, promoting, and preserving the richness and diversity of Philippine culture through dance and music…to entertain, educate, and enrich.

From filling clubs across the nation to being seen weekly as a regular guest on Chelsea Lately, JO KOY has come a long way from his modest start performing at a Las. He is a regular featured comedian at the world-famous Improv, tours the college circuit nationwide, and performs in comedy clubs both in the U.

Jo lives in Los Angeles. Vegas coffee house. Growing up, his mother constantly encouraged him to take part in school talent shows or present impromptu performances for his family and friends.

He became one of a select few to ever receive a standing ovation on the show. Micah, Jason, Chris, and Del all hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and for years shared a passion to make music that moves people; and move people they did. Legaci was asked to tour with Justin as his official backing group.

They accepted, and since then they have traveled exclusively with Bieber, singing for millions of anxious fans in 22 different countries around the world. During the middle of every concert, Justin introduces Legaci to his audience and has them perform their own mix of a cappella pop melodies. Giving them the spotlight each night, Justin has Legaci appear center stage, where they show the screaming crowds that they are not just ordinary backup singers.

Since their start with Bieber, Legaci has performed their medley for more than of his shows. With over , subscriptions, Legaci is recognized as one of the most popular singing groups on all of YouTube. After two years of being on the road with Justin Bieber for the My World Tour, Legaci finally released their debut single, entitled All Day, with a full-length album that debuted in the spring of Most of his childhood was spent in Hawaii, where his father sang with the group known as The Society of Seven.

He was previously married to singeractress Pops Fernandez, with whom he has two sons, Robin and Ram Nievera. Martin P Take One. The album achieved platinum status in just five months, which was quite a feat for a newcomer in the industry. Martin then began co-hosting the TV variety show Penthouse Live!

In , Penthouse Live! Even though he failed in his. He has appeared or starred in eleven movies and seven television series and specials.

AS 1 toured the U. Passion hopes that through listening to his songs, people will appreciate not only the music, but also the message. Passion released his first full-length album in December, as well as a brand-new EP.

Founded in by a group of friends from different choral backgrounds from the Philippines, PCS — LA has now grown to include their secondgeneration Filipino-American counterparts who have been introduced to the caliber of choral singing deeply rooted in the Filipino culture. From their humble beginnings of.

Christmas caroling and performing at local weddings and funerals, this small circle of friends has blossomed into a tight-knit and talented ensemble bonded by their passion for choral singing.

PCS — LA remains humble in accomplishing their aim, which is to promote the Philippine culture through music. It also prides itself in participating and leading countless community outreach events; a realization of one aspect of its mission vision has been the invitation of some 20 male community-choir singers from all over Southern California to join this historic event at the Bowl.

Through progressive studies and an applied historical perspective, RCLA continues to be the face of rondalla music in Southern California, performing at countless festivals and cultural events as well as various social and civic functions.

Characterized by a signature, highly improvised style, each RCLA performance is a unique musical conversation. Rondalla Club of Los Angeles is a c 3 organization. For more information, please go to rondalla. He recently starred in the national tour of Camelot as King Arthur. On television, Phillips is currently a recurring character on Southland.

A few of his other memorable P He made his directorial debut with the psychological thriller Dangerous Touch, which he co-wrote for HBO. Lou has also directed episodes of Resurrection Blvd. Phillips, originally born in the Philippines, was raised in Texas. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Yvonne.

He has four daughters: Indigo, Grace, Isabella, and Lili. Raymund discovers Marc Abaya at a party while jamming to a Beastie Boys song. Sandwich is recognized by different award-giving bodies and receives several nominations and awards.

A few months later, vocalist Marc Abaya decided to focus on a different career path and left the band.

Guitarist Raymund Marasigan took over the vocals and to strengthen their sound, they asked Mong guitars , who had jammed with them for some time, to formally become a member of the band, thus leading to the present lineup.

More than a year after working as an indie band, Sandwich was signed by another major label EMI Music in The booming music industry soon witnessed the redefinition of OPM Rock as the new material of Sandwich was released on their fourth album, Five on the Floor in February In , the band released their 6th album, called Contra Tiempo.

Diddy, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Vittorio, and several others. In , Nicole recorded an adaptation of the A. I left messages and he never called back. I sent him letters, I sent him e-mails, I called him -- no response.

I sat in front of a computer at 2 am in a freezing bedroom, crying while I wrote an e-mail pleading with him 2 get in touch with me. He would not have let me off the hook 4 getting so mushy.

I just wanted my old friend back. When I was back home in , I tried again 2 reach Don. His phone had been disconnected. On the last nite of my visit, some friends of mine tried 2 reach Don thru Facebook.

But he'd taken his page down. I don't know why I didn't. I don't know what I was thinking. It was my last day there. I didn't want to scare him or barge in unexpected. I didn't wanna cause more damage. I was just thinking about him last week, wondering what happened, how he slipped away, thinking we'd always have time 2 figure it out.

I'm not mad at you for disappearing anymore, Don. I just want my old friend back. Labels: books , friendships , loneliness , music , obituaries , ranting , writing. Tuesday, September 25, More good folk. I'm sure I read the 2 books 2 closely 2gether If nothing else, you're gonna end up with a huge list of new bands 2 investigate after reading this book.

Leech didn't try 2 cover as huge an area. But that doesn't mean I won't eventually get 2 that section -- I'll B keeping this book around 4 awhile.

Labels: book reviews , books , music , music reviews. Well, new to me Pink -- Who Knew? Jack White -- song homemade-CD mix. Orange Peel -- 1st Mogul Thrash -- 1st Retrieved June 10, Deadline Hollywood.

Retrieved May 18, Sundance Film Festival. Retrieved December 14, Retrieved September 6, Retrieved July 22, Hudson Valley As for Hunter, he was experimenting with a new business opportunity in the counterculture economy.

Hunter still had a lot of friends and contacts in L. A week later, I ran into him again. By then I could play his turnaround, so he showed me some other things. He just kind of took me under his wing. We played a lot of instrumental surf music, which is how I got into the electric guitar, learning how to use echo boxes, and all that stuff.

On some of his days off, Wilhelm would play open-mic nights in folk-music clubs. Wilhelm also did open mics at the Blue Unicorn on Hayes Street in San Francisco, which is how he reconnected with George Hunter, bumping into his old friend on the street.

No doubt countless U. George Hunter was watching that night, too. Two of those Americans were George Hunter and Chet Helms, the future impresario of the Family Dog, which produced regular concerts at the Avalon Ballroom between and —many of those shows would feature the Charlatans.

Pop music was no longer just bubble gum. The timing was perfect. He plays at the Blue Unicorn. He sang some good vocals, too. There was big waffle padding all over the place.

Fifth Column never stood a chance too intellectual , but the Androids briefly stuck. That fall, after Hicks joined the group, they settled on the Charlatans. But it was like the energy just started moving away. No sooner did I get up here that I started doing meth, and then heroin. Meth and heroin were hard drugs—speed freaks and junkies took hard drugs. But then, slowly, the harder drugs just kind of ate their way into the texture of the whole scene.

To hear Hunter tell it, heroin may have actually gotten in the way of bringing Janis Joplin into the Charlatans, before she joined Big Brother and the Holding Company. I already knew her in this other context that was not really favorable. It was certainly a better fit for her than the Charlatans. Jorma Kaukonen left , who would become the lead guitarist for Jefferson Airplane, performing with Janis Joplin, circa I knew Janis was a singer, but she never sang anything when she was here.

It was also a look that mirrored, but did not copy, the uniformity of the clothing worn by The Beatles. And as had been the case when Wilhelm happened to run into Hunter a year or so earlier, serendipity gave the Charlatans their first gig.

Laughlin was now involved in the remodel of a three-story, building in the old silver-mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, about a six-hour drive due east of San Francisco.

Archival photo via the Red Dog. As clarifying moments go, the upcoming audition at the Red Dog was a big one for the Charlatans. I had somehow gotten these red velvet curtains from the old Fox Theater in San Francisco. I put them up on all the walls so we could play without causing a lot of noise.

That was the last place we rehearsed before we drove up to Virginia City. It took a small caravan of cars to get the band members, assorted girlfriends, equipment, and those red velvet curtains, which Olsen eventually sold to Unobsky, to Virginia City.

They arrived at dusk. It was at the Red Dog that the look of the Charlatans came together. This photo of the band from , taken at the Red Dog, is by William Westwick. Upon arrival, the Charlatans learned that the Red Dog was still under construction. So they gave us these rooms upstairs to stay in, fed us good meals, and we waited. There you go! Man, what a great job he did. I thought it was great. It had a real mysterious thing about it.

We were at Criteria in Miami and we had to do a lot of splicing. Our producer Bill Szymczyk had a new board design. At the time it was the latest thing for making punch-ins. That really helped out a lot. But boy, we spent some hours in there, man, working on that song and the album.

That song came real naturally in the studio. It was a natural progression. That was the last song I wrote for the band. Joe Walsh helped me a little bit with that. I had that song for a long time and never really got it finished.

I brought it in for those album sessions, we worked on it and worked on it and it turned out really good. Don and Glenn helped put it together. Getting Joe Walsh in that band and on that record was great. It was a great combo between him and Felder. Walsh gave us some new blood. His guitar playing and great ideas really helped.

It was a nice addition to the group to do those songs. We were hitting it pretty hard. I mean, just everybody was at that time. Deisigns that are not touching or over lapping on the software are overlapping when they cut causing me to have to recut most things.

I am trying to use the stencil vinyl to do an etched glass project also my 1st project with this machine. There were no instructions on how to use it other than the basics, install software etc. I have adjusted the rollers, I googled how to do that.

I have added registration marks in my design, googled that too. I have the cut lines set to cut and also a depth set on the line around the text. Registration failed. I can see that because I did not print on the vinyl in my inkjet printer so of course the marks will not show up on the vinyl. What do I do? I wonder if a cricut would have been better with more instructions and easier to use. I bought the etched glass kit and the dvd was absolutely ridiculous.

Just took my Cameo 3 out of the box. Yep same problem here. I want to ask about the use of the machine silhouette cameo, I have a big problem, when I make cuts of lightning had struck very strongly that goes electric my home, suddenly the machines cameo I can not on so well now, did suffer damage to the engine cameo or problems in power supply? Therefore it wont turn back on only by holding the power button and plug in the the power cord but only blue light screen appears.

Solution for the silhouette group : Thank you for your alerted concern. Please perform the following steps to manually re-update the machine and correct the concern:. Save the following file to your desktop: send2cutter. You will need to hold down power button until a light blue screen is shown. Run send2cutter. The update process may take up to 10 minutes. Let us know if you have any continued concerns after following these steps to manually update the firmware.

Same here mines is stuck on the blue screen no words or anything. Not sure if you still running this page or not. I have wrote you on here, Facebook, and youtube and Now answer back. We all having the same problem with the blue screen and if you have the file to reprogram our system, we sure would appreciate you helping us out where we can get our cameos back running.

Thank you. I also need a send2cutter. Forget that! I got my cameo a few weeks ago to cut out stickers and it worked perfectly fine. As always, I had them printed on the page and my cuts selected but it just said the cut was automatically complete. Has this happened to anyone? So tried updating firmwire, hada message after 5 mins saying failed and contact support, not the machine is stuck , frozen has a blue screen when turned on, can only turn it on or off by the plug.

Your comments suggestions would be appreciated. Hi I normally have it at 6. Sending an automatically generated error report will help Silhouette resolve the problem.

And now nothing on my account wont work its like it is frozen. So what do i do??? Mine has also started to do this on my PC but works fine on my other PC. Stupid software. Hi I just purchased sketch pens for my Silhouette Cameo 2. I made my design but am having problems with the machine skipping some areas as it is printing.

The sketching pens are not printing through the whole design. What am I doing wrong and why would it skip spots. If anyone has any remedies I would be most grateful to hear them. I had this problem. Anyway I sold it bought it used anyway and got a cameo 2. I sold it as spares and messaged the guy who bought it and asked out of curiosity if he fixed it. He had. I have the free designs and I have bought 12 other ones.

Each and every time I buy one or get the free of the week, the designs do not show up in my library. I have to go through the steps of deleting the silhouette, emptying the recycling bin, go to the downloaded purchases and recovering all again. What in the world am I doing wrong that this happens to me everytime???

A few months ago 4 exactly buy my cameo in Colombia , where it is still uncommon and few days ago has struggled consisting of marking the paper but fails to cut it completely , I tried changing the blade , adjusting the options section and nothing has me worked … if anyone can help me I would appreciate forever ….

Check that the white box that the blade clips into is clipped in properly. The casing just clips off and my new one cut vinyl but just scratched the paper even on maximum settings.

But it may just not be clipped on tightly. Hi My cameo has been working fine until recently. When my cut is complete the cameo used to stop and I pressed the key to unload.

Now when the cut stops the mat is getting drawn in the opposite direction without pressing any thing then I have to turn off the power and manually take it bout the back end HELP please.

My problem is similar — new machine used a few times. I went to use it tonight and when it finishes it unloads towards the back and it takes several pushes of the unload button to get out. Weird behavior, also on a setting of 3 it cuts through the material vinyl iron on transfer and on 2 it doesnt cut through, it barely scores it. This worked as expected 2 days ago. Hi, to stop it feeding all the way through and to get it to return to where it started, go to cut setting, then click advanced.

There is an option there to either return to origin or feed. I have bought Images on the Silhouette studio and have been able to cut them right.. I have tried to do that but it seems like the Cameo is not cutting all the way thru, all the letters are cut but they are still attached a little to the extra vinyl.. Each and every one of them is still attached to the paper, and had to a use a little scissor to cut them off completely. Hi, I found the answer to my problem..

The vinyl I was using was not helping at all.. Whenever we download a design from the store and transfer to the grid, it shows a double image. Also, sometimes the program will lock up and I have to shut down and restart computer. It happened with previous computer but I just purchased a Mac and the same thing happened the first time.

Please help. Nothing happened though. I have all the proper settings. I stick the paper or cardstock to the grid of the mat as instructed, and make sure the outline of the cutlines are all on the grid where the paper is. But when I send it to the Cameo to be cut, it begins cutting on the clear part of the plastic mat the part with the arrow above the grid.

The cutlines are all higher then they appear in the preview, so the top of the design is cut into the mat and the rest is cut into my paper. When you load the mat you must push the load mat button on the machine which has a little gridded mat icon on it. This loads the mat into the correct position. The other buttons with blank little mat icons forward and backward are for vinyl media etc. I have two.

First is regarding print then cut. I have files I know are perfect, I print them out send to cameo have had less than week and the top cuts fine the bottom is way off??? Second problem pixscan mat. I calibrated then that was accepted. Took pic of file, accepted. Traced, then??? Did you ever get your first problem resolved? Everything looks fine on screen, and the top of the file everything cuts correctly, but the further the rollers advance, the more offset my cuts are at the bottom of the page.

Anyone get any help? Unfortunately not, but I did however find a way to get around it in some way , by having both 2. That way I can open newer design versions and save them in Legacy. My Silouette is not working anymore. It say Silhouette studio. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Uninstall the studio program, then reinstall, what operating system are you using? What studio version are you using? Did anyone find a solution?

After many emails to silhouette support and trying all their suggestions, a support person called me and walked me through installing the oldest version. Now it works! Just got the new silhouette and it freezes up and will not close. I have to shut down my computer in order to exit the program. How would I go about installing an older version? The older version works perfect.

I hope you could help me with my problem. The touchscreen panel on my cameo just got broken by accident and the service is taking a long time to repair it because they are waiting for the parts to be delivered. I hope you could help me with this one.

Thank you very much. I hope your parts arrive soon!!! The software works like a charm on my computer, but as soon as I wanted to send something to the Silhouette it kept waiting for it to get ready as if the Silhouette was already working on a job or it was still loading after turning the power on..

I really hope You have a solution and if the solution is that I have to aquire the newer machine then a very good reason for doing so which I can pass on to my GF LOL. Have you found anything helpful on this issue? I used a different one and am still having the same thing happen. It may also be used to create contoured inner lines for images.

To apply offset conditions, you will first need to select an image. Original Starting Image 3. Within the Offset menu you may start by selecting the offset action.

You may select to either have your offset image have a sharper Corner appearance, or have a softer more bubbly Round appearance. Though clicking the offset action button provides a starting point, you may fine tune the offset effect to any specified Offset Distance with the slider bar, or by typing in a specific measurement.

At any point your desired effect is achieved you may set the properties of the newly created image into place by clicking Apply. Did you check that your power outlet is working?

Plug a lamp into it and if the lamp comes on, then you can rule out the outlet. That would narrow it down to the Cameo, itself, in which case you would have to call support. Do you know how to deal with it?

Hi so we have an art creation machine H here and recently i noticed that the blade has a black band that moves blade left to right. But it seems as if it became lose and now it gets stuck when it wants to move a certain direction.

Its because of those bands that it gets stuck and i cant find any tutorials on how to fix this. I am getting a server error when trying to load the software. Any ideas on how to fix? My Portrait stopped half way of the cutting…. I did try turning off and on again for both machine and software but still the same. Sometimes, then, the blade will go to reset itself to the start position often ignoring my setting to feed ahead another few inches at the end , and will just cut a big line through everything in the process.

Please help After cutting borders of the box the blade goes at the very bottom of the cutting mat instead of the top. And if i proceed with the same project to cut other colors of the box folding part it starts to cut even lower and cutting mat is falling out from the back of the machine What to do? Good luck! I just purchased the Silhouette Portrait and trying to make stickers. I bought several of their images and whenever I am inserting them into my file all I see is an outline of the image.

I am ready to scream. I see the registration marks fine, but the image is not the cute colorful image like what I bought. What did I do? Have had a silhouette for years, Have over 9, files and with each update I started having all the problems you all are experiencing. To bad, this was once a great machine and company. When you called there was a real person to talk with and recieve help.

Now there is no response either by phone or e-mail. Time to go back to cricut and try the new one. What a waste.

So sorry all you re seeing the end of what once was a great product. Oh well thats the American way. Gotta love it. They have a live chat feature. I tried it just yesterday and the gentleman was very helpful and emailed me a whole list of instructions for uninstalling and reinstalling the software and reloading my purchases. More discussion to ensue as I have not gotten that part to work. Certificate errors popped up when I used the store button.

Ongoing saga — we shall see. Too bad the Cricut air came out one month after I bought my silhouette Cameo. Then you can print and cut. If you want to layer your stickers just enable the cut lines around each piece. Hope this helps. Hi, I have a Silhouette Portrait, and it was working fine until recently, when one of the sliders seemed to become looser than the other, causing the cutting mat to slide side ways and ruining the whole sheet.

This recurs every time and i can never get a good cut out of it. Is it a defect? I have been cutting with my cameo for about a month now and it was registering fine then all of a sudden yesterday all hell broke lose. I have done everything that you would normally do in this situation including try to use different versions to see if they would work but nothing has please help I use this machine for my business.

SHIRLEY JONES Vinyl Records and CDs: For the American singer and actress who was a member of The Partridge Family, please use Shirley Jones Shirley Jones is an American R&B and soul singer. Along with her sisters and formed the trio. When the group disbanded in , she went on to have a .

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  1. Shirley Melton - Shirley Melton Pickin Up The Pieces / Hardly Anymore K-Ark US - Music.
  2. Mar 13,  · Shirley Melton - Pickin' Up The Pieces Armadillo Killer. Loading Unsubscribe from Armadillo Killer? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K.
  3. Click to View: Label: Cat# Date: Format: Comments: Rating: Value: Shirley Melton A: Hardly Anymore B: Pickin' Up The Pieces: K-Ark USA: 7" 0.
  4. Explore releases from the K-Ark Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for K-Ark Records releases.
  5. SHIRLEY MACLAINE Vinyl Records and CDs American film and theater actress, singer, dancer, activist and author, born April 24, in Richmond, Virginia, United States Sister of Warren Beatty. Shirley MacLaine Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.
  6. Shirley was born on December 17, and passed away on Saturday, March 16, Shirley was a resident of Silverton, Texas at the time of passing. Send Condolences.
  7. Don N Shirley Melton is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Don N Shirley Melton and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to .
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of I Don't Play That on Discogs. Label: Soundtown Records - ST • Format: Vinyl 7 Shirley Brown - I Don't Play That (, Vinyl) | .

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