Paradise Garden - Big Head Down - Psychophonies From Nature (CD)

In the Quran , the Garden is described as being abundant with material delights including delicious foods and constantly flowing water.

Having emerged in the desert, the thirst and gratitude for water are abundant in Islamic traditions. In the Quran, rivers are the primary constituents of the paradise , and references to rain and fountains abound. In the Quran " God preferred water over any other created thing and made it the basis of creation, as He said: 'And We made every living thing of water'.

Water is associated with the virtues of purity and obedience : "Then the water was told, 'Be still'. And it was still, awaiting God 's command. This is implied water, which contains neither impurity nor foam" Tales of the Prophets, al-Kisa'. Although the concept of chahar bagh gardens representing 'paradise on earth' predates the Islamic adoption of the style, the paradisaical retreats of the Persians became known as "the embodiment of the celestial paradise promised to a practicing Muslim".

The paradise garden is one of the few original and fundamental kinds of garden from which all gardens in history derive, sometimes in combinations. However, a pavilion provides more permanent shelter than the original tent. Strictly aligned, formally arranged trees, especially the chenar or Platanus , provide shade. Many of the Islamic horticultural traditions and later European traditions derive from that of the paradise garden.

In the east, by way of the Persian garden it gave rise to the Mughal gardens of India , a late example of which is the garden of the Taj Mahal in Agra. In the farthest west, it informed the paved and tiled courtyards, arcades, and pools and fountains of Moorish Andalusia. The fundamental design of the Gardens of Versailles in France almost replicates the paradise gardens of Pasargad , and the gardens of the Louvre in Paris appear inspired by them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Garden of the Paradise. Form of garden of Old Iranian origin. Tags: covers, book, book cover, paradise lost, milton, john milton. Tags: paradise lost, steps, steptacular. Tags: angels, paradise, paradise lost, etchings, sarnia2. It certainly is lost! Throw Pillow By sarnia2. Tags: type o negative, october rust, pete, peter, metal, steele, carnivore, paradise lost, tiamat, danzig, moonspell, corrosion of conformity, candlemass, celtic frost, my dying bride.

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Tags: lost paradise, metal, black mayhem, logo, medusa, obsidian, paradise, album. Tags: love, adam, eve, paradise lost. Adam's Paradise Tall Mug By 10zingart. Tags: angels, michael, lucifer, paradise lost.

Tags: lost paradise, the other shore. Tags: bolt thrower, donington, hail of bullets, white zombie, extreme metal, paradise lost, death metal. Eugene Smith's own comments about the picture here. Smith first submitted it to the magazine for which he was on-salary and it was rejected. The editor said he rejected it "because the two children were walking away from the camera it would not receive and hold the interest of the reader.

Nevertheless, I also think that the overall soft lines of everything about the two children are also of great importance. They are corner-less, fluid. What makes this seemingly ordinary picture special? Julie H , Nov 9, Julie, yes, the background, but also the foreground, and the overall effect which gives the photo a mystical, even fairy tale quality.

I think that would be lost if the photo were more "technically correct". William Kahn , Nov 9, Edit: That's aesthetic, not ascetic. More coffee, please I love Smiths work but I admit I think Walk to Paradise Garden appeals more to folks who just like a pretty picture then those who really knew what Smith was all about.

It's not his best photograph, but it's OK. I even have a poster of this hanging in my kitchen. Perhaps the picture takes on more meaning when one knows the background as you stated Julie.

Smith described it as being symbolic to the path his life was on after his injuries and thus when he was able to take this picture it represented a new beginning for him. Smith was an amazing photographer and I think "Walk" is probably the best example of a photograph of his that more people would hang up then any of his more powerful pictures dealing with war or pollution.

Great points, Marc. It's probably best seen as part of his body of work. As a stand-alone photo it would elicit different feelings from me than as seen against the backdrop of his other work.

Norma Desmond , Nov 9, Marc, Smith loved the photo. Is he one of those "folks who just like pretty pictures"? It's a facsimile of the book that Smith planned but never got to completion.

This book is not for anybody who is not already familiar with Smith's work -- the images are basically photocopies of photocopies really bad but the arrangement which is Smith's -- as said, this is facsimile of his own roughed out book is pure magic, IMO.

Seeing them playing off of, against one another, is amazing as long as you are already familiar with high quality renditions of the pictures. At the hospital, doctors did plastic surgery on Gene's nose and lip and installed the first in a series of false palates in the roof of his mouth.

There would be four in all, each a little larger than the one before, designed to force his upper jaw back into a normal shape. During this process, they wired his jaw's together, opening them only to insert a new palate. What he ate, according to one report, 'was what could be poured through the spaces in his teeth.

Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself. And I [Carmen] would see him struggling, trying to hold a camera.

And she wouldn't give him time to get over the experience of being in the war, and his injuries. Eugene Smith as a day of significance. Good or bad, it will be a date to remember, along with May 22nd' [, the date of his injury]. I don't know what the results will be. I haven't touched a camera since that day. I am lost in the way to do the things I must do I said, 'You can't manage the kids. Gene had thought the picture through, on many levels. For example, an opera that Gene had discovered during the time and played for himself repeatedly was Frederick Delius' A Village Romeo and Juliet.

Within this romantic, somewhat impressionistic work was an intermezzo entitled 'A Walk to a Paradise Garden,' and it was this piece of music that Gene decided would provide the thematic structure for a visual transition of his own.

Gene had dwelt on the making of this photograph for months. His need to express his pent-up feelings was balanced, apparently, by enormous anxieties, and he had, as Carmen accurately observed, backed off from the confrontation time and again. Interesting background on an interesting person.

One of my idols. This linked picture is even more interesting so my wife thinks and I got to agree nudge. It tells a story about a time when doctors still made home calls.

And reveals personality and history and has a lot of depth of detail. When Life was the common newstand place to look for photography not only National Geographic nowadays. The one of the two children, pretty, well done, is more of the Hallmark card touch which is not saying anything derogatory and would do well as a wall portrait but maybe does not represent this wonderful guy's best work so well.

The gent had guts and a real human touch and paid a high price for his art. GerrySiegel , Nov 9, Intense and powerful pictures rarely mean mass popularity, or in any fields of art Best Of. John Teti ,. Josh Modell ,. Erik Adams ,. TV Club Joshua Alston. Baraka Kaseko. Eric Thurm ,. Katie Rife ,. Molly Eichel ,. Becca James ,. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky. Katie Rife. Patrick Gomez.

The theme is a gathering in paradise attended by the Virgin and Child and a number of saints. Elements of the sacred ‘hortus conclusus’ (‘closed garden’) – an allusion to Mary’s virginity – are skilfully combined with motifs from secular castle and love gardens.

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  1. Big Head Down's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.
  2. Mar 08,  · Paradise Garden is a mail-order retailer specializing in new and hard-to-find clematis, daylilies, hosta, iris, peonies, ornamental grasses, perennials, bulbs and ornamental shrubs. Our online catalog features over a thousand full color photos and recommendations by expert gardeners from around the country.
  3. Jan 01,  · The Paradise Garden By Colin Thompson Reviewed by Luisa Daniel The Paradise Garden is a story about a boy who wanted to get away from all of the noise of the city, neighbors yelling, and family yelling. He found his quiet place, a place away from all the noise and the crazy life around him. That place was the paradise garden/5.
  4. Down the street is Paradise Garden, a ramshackle compound of curated chaos filled with murals, bike parts, concrete sculptures bedazzled with found objects, and a painted Cadillac. The Mirror House shines on stilts in one corner; The World’s Folk Art Church, a tiered wooden chapel, stands above it all.
  5. Big Dreams Small Spaces. Big Dreams Small Spaces Monty Don works with amateur gardeners up and down the country to help them create the garden of their dreams. Big Dreams Small Spaces Monty Don comes to the rescue of two sets of gardeners in desperate need of feel-good spaces. Chelsea Flower Show.
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  7. Audio CD (March 18, ) Number of Discs: 1; Label: Paradise Records; ASIN: BXWF; Customer Reviews: out of 5 stars 5 customer ratings; Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #, in CDs & Vinyl (See Top in CDs & Vinyl) # in Pop (CDs & Vinyl) # in Hawaiian Music # in Folk (CDs & Vinyl)/5(5).
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  9. Jan 20,  · L ooking out at a miserable rectangle of urban waste, AKA my garden, I’m hoping for inspiration from Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens (BBC2), which is about gardens that were themselves inspired.

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