Marguerite Walls - Sutcliffe Jugend* - We Spit On Their Graves (Cassette)

Sounded interesting, at least. Even if it was arty bollocks, haha. Why the decision to do it at that time and how did you plan what you were going to play? Gaya at Hagshadow and singer with Anti Child League basically kept hassling me for us to do a gig. Before that I never thought we could give Sutcliffe Jugend a fair representation live. Never seen anyone since come close to what was in my head either for that matter.

Live shows are an essential part of what we do now. Going back into Sutcliffe Jugend history and even going back to Whitehouse , there have been moments where it was said that the band was involved with some very controversial subjects. So, how do you respond to these claims? Why do you think such controversial themes are so prevalent in harsh noise music? I know when we dealt with the subjects you mention it was tied into the music and the influence of TG and Whitehouse.

I then became interested in reading about those subjects, the extremes of human cruelty. The same with books and films. It needs addressing in art. If all music, art and film just dealt with love it would be very dull indeed. On the contrary. The passing idiot with an agenda will always twist what you do. It works because the music is fucking brutal, so the words need to be. No excuses. No other music can fill that void. That need. For us now the words have taken us somewhere else.

Would you agree and would you add to this list by what you feel people listen for in noise? Hence the variety in what we do. I like very little. I also happen to like a lot of experimental music, so the range of what we can do is pretty much limitless. Imagination and quality control are the only limits. What boundaries do you hope to destroy? Haha, only the boundaries of my own consciousness and ability to convey thought into sound.

Push the levels of what we can do. You need Flash to play the MP3 samples provided with most of the reviews. If you're the artist or label and don't want MP3 clips of your work on the site, send me an email and I'll gladly remove them.

This site is optimized for viewing in Firefox. I don't proofread. Black and metallic red ink printed on recycled heavy stock. Beautifully rendered design by Monica Greenwald. The newest CD contains 60 minutes of exhausting psychedelic kind of noise. Inedible mush made of whistling feedback and drilling high frequencies.

Cumbersome, nasty debris of harsh noise. Digisleeve CD. Bitter and cold. Nihilistic and scornful. Elitist and Pure. Behavioural Decline documents the rise of treachery and the fall of honour.

A deeply personal Recording. K2, started the activity through the "Mail Art", or to record in a space in which an iron plate was hung from the ceiling. They have continued to work and play mixing junk metal, with cassettes and compact effect units, using a variety of techniques, such as cut-up. This HI-FI harsh noise record was made by making full use of such electronics over broken, industrial roars, soaked in sludge, alongside synthesizer, gaming machines and so on.

A work of harsh, fierce, Japanese noise. A ferocious four track over 60 minutes. Comes with recycled paper artwork. In , they met once again in Kyoto, Japan where they performed together on stage dressed up in Lucha Libre wrestling masks. This show also saw GX rigged-up in a championship wrestling belt that had been specially reconstructed to generate pure harsh noise through a built in microphone and distortion pedal. In many ways, this release presents a significant homecoming of sorts, where 2 old friends cross paths once more to showcase their unique styles of sonic mayhem together.

It is quite peculiar and strange album. Kadaver once more reveals his ability to mix several styles into one album, but the most important thing is that he is doing it quite well. Dark and rather depressive pieces laying down in multilayered buildings of sounds. Feedbacks, loops of samples, field recordings etc. Everything blends into one frightening structure. The length of the album — almost 50 minutes and to those who search for dark and scary wanders and realize what to expect and what not to from Kadaver, this release should be perfect.

Each release was limited to hand-numbered copies. There were only 3 Noir series releases. Here presented are Noir 01 and Noir This is a second, remastered edition of the original recordings. This material is a joining of Endo and Kubota in their usaul fashion.

Edition of in jewel cases with japenoise sytle art by Y. Hirano using photos by K. I think my ears just broke. You see, having spun this disc repeatedly my head feels like it's been caught in the middle of a militant crossfire. The Purity Of The Cedars is an album by Maronite power-electronics combatant Koufar and fuck me if my head is not ringing! Chock full of hateful blasting electronics, The Purity Of The Cedars is a caustic journey into the vengeful mind of Waddiah Rabbiah Chami, spitting venom against the current Lebanese state.

The sense of anger in these 7 tracks is enough to make you want to pick up a rifle and shoot your neighbour. Carefully selected samples set the scene further exacerbating just how much this means to Koufar. Blistering slabs of jolting noise and feedback fire off around you. At no point can you question the authenticity on display here, which in a strange way makes it even more of a joy to hear. Whether you even understand the politics is probably irrelevant and by the sounds of it I'm sure most people would rather not know.

This is immense. Like a power-electronics car-bomb. Not departing too far in the party from the awful music he was set on martial-thematic conceptions. With specifically brutal sight and understanding he represents "Oskorei" on fields of modernity, as rumble where all burns down.

On all the extent of an album under furious accompaniment of a metal roar, junk, crash stands a most dense atmosphere of ruthless collision of interests, where the fact of correctness is decided only by utter annihilation of one of the parties.

Fire poured blood, burning flesh, pain, gas and suffocation. Breaking, burning, blowing up metal, tons strewed with the sky, flying in heads, breaking a bones, destroying blood, metal how the reason? And many others are featured on this L'Idiot Du Village record, for a 73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff, conduced and directed by L'Idiot Du Village.

This special CD contains six, ultra-rare tracks of harsh, atmospheric noise that almost makes you feel like they're right in the room with you creating it. Interesting usages of power electronics and objects abound. All of the material featured on this album has been out of print for years, originally released in extremely limited, print CD-R runs in Russia.

Artwork has an excellent, hacked-punk look to it with absolutely dreadful scenery. The swirling decay of dead fish and bodies on the front should give you an idea of what you're in for. Mythical grinder Kalevala as a grand annihilator rises from the sea floor and grinds all of this ugly world of evil and progress. This a great noise in the right spirit of K2!

And at the end of a good bus left us on board, but not gone - took off. Once again, convinced that Maaaa - a great group. A deep and hard journey into pain. In digipack. Limited to copies.

They released "Dojin no shinkeisen" in and showed existence of their own to a listener. The nervous electronic noise that eliminated excessive decoration, A Japanese text full of irony and metaphor. Quote from: harmonix on August 15, , PM. Presented in a 6pp Digipak cover featuring new artwork by Kevin Tomkins. The superbly produced album begins with the title track which builds on a heavy riff to an intense climax, as the passion and emotion reaches breaking point. Sutcliffe Jugend continue their personal journey without compromise, creating an album of purity, violent beauty and Shame.

The London underground - metro map - it could be useful for friends coming from abroad. Countdown - three weeks to go.!! Quote from: harmonix on January 07, , PM. Sutcliffe parked his car and proceeded to quickly catch up and overtake her over a distance of about yards. Near a driveway with high stone pillars, he stunned her with a hammer blow to the back of the head, shouting "filthy prostitute" as he struck further blows to her head.

He then looped a length of rope around her neck, tightening it as he half-carried, half-dragged her about 20 yards from the point of attack up the driveway and into a high-walled garden. There, while kneeling on her chest, he strangled her. After she was dead, he stripped her of all her clothing except her tights. When he left her, he partially covered the body with grass cuttings and leaves.

Marquerite Walls body was found the next day by two gardeners, her shoes found in the driveway, and her skirt, shopping bag and chequebook found near a rockery close to the garden. Detective Chief Superintendent James Hobson, after consultation with forensic experts announced: "We do not believe this is the work of the Yorkshire Ripper.

(Power Electronics / Noise / Industrial) Sutcliffe Jugend (SJ / Sutcliffe Jügend) - 27 Релизов (), MP3, kbps Страницы: 1 Электронная музыка» Industrial, Noise, EBM, Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Synthpop, New Wave» Industrial, Noise (lossy).

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  1. Nov 13,  · This is the original Sutcliffe Jugend tape set, released as WDC and later bootleged as a 10LP-set. Each tape is released in a standard snap-case with identical front-cover. Each tape-side is dedicated to a different victim of Peter Sutcliffe/5(14).
  2. Jul 12,  · Bootleg vinyl reissue of the 10 cassette set, limited to copies. The audio of each LP is a direct transfer from each cassette without any remastering or sound improvement. Due to that, and because all of the sides are lengthy (some around 30mins long), the sound suffers greatly rendering the overall pressing quality lacking in power and /5(19).
  3. Oct 12,  · referencing We Spit On Their Graves, 10xCass, WDC good for the first two hours, but there is a lack of diversity in the work which results in an exhausting release to listen to in full. Casual Listeners should steer clear of this behemoth of a release and listen to "Campaign" or The WSOTG CD Remaster from to hear the best of 80's /5(86).
  4. May 15,  · We Spit on Their Graves, an Album by Sutcliffe Jügend. Released in on Come Organisation (catalog no. WDC ; Cassette). Genres: Power Electronics/5(5).
  5. riferendosi a We Spit On Their Graves, 10xCass, WDC good for the first two hours, but there is a lack of diversity in the work which results in an exhausting release to listen to in full. Casual Listeners should steer clear of this behemoth of a release and listen to "Campaign" or The WSOTG CD Remaster from to hear the best of 80's /5(84).
  6. Marguerite Walls was a forty-seven-year-old civil servant who worked at the Department of Education and Science office in Pudsey. She had worked late on Wednesday, August 20 , working extra hours as she was going on a ten-day holiday the following day.
  7. Jan 21,  · SUTCLIFFE JUGEND 'We Spit On Their Graves' 10 x C60 Private fanatics only 'reissue' sourced from an original Come Organisation set. Includes all audio and artworks. An ultra limited number of sets will only be available for a short amount of time. Taking orders now. For more info email: blackoperations_uk at hotmail dot com.
  8. Nov 29,  · Sutcliffe Jugend. We are extremely pleased and honored to bring this interview to you today. Of course, Sutcliffe Jugend needs no introduction. This interview has been a few months in the making so we hope you enjoy. At the time we fielded the questions to them, it was a few months after the review of the monumental 6-CD set SLAVES.
  9. May 05,  · Sutcliffe Jugend - This is the Truth (Ground Fault Recordings/Hospital Productions CD) Almost a full-on 80's resurrection here. Broken Flag box, Pure CD, and now a new release from one of the pioneers of the 80's U.K. power electronics schmozz, Sutcliffe Jugend (reverting back to the full name after a short-lived stint as SJ).

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