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Without continuous creation, without recreation there is no life. African art, music, theater, and dance have enlightened and elevated communal consciousness. It has kept us alive. Our songs, our music held us together during the long years of enslavement. Treasures of Africa fill the museums of Europe and America. But this history is not evident as presidential candidates, urgently seek the African American vote.

During the campaign, not one word has been said regarding funding for African American art. Why not? Wedding songs are usually very important and interesting component for an amazing and fun-filled wedding ceremony. Remember one of the reasons for organizing a wedding ceremony is for friends and families to come together and celebrate with the couple, and we know there is no good celebration without a good sound of music to dance to, weddings are no exception.

There are about three important songs that are usually played in every wedding. The first song is for the couple to dance together, and this is very important. Drums are the prevailing instrument, and most groups use them to indicate the rhythm and provide the musical background for dancing. Chants are also frequent. Close couple dancing is rare in traditional African dance.

Moves are more often collectively done, and dancers assume various formations. The most common are group performances with eventual solo dancers, free-flow floor patterns with dancers moving freely on the dance floor, and defined pattern formations with dancers forming circles or lines. While in formation, participants follow the rhythm in intricate movements. Body articulation is very important. Most steps involve independent movements of different parts of the body.

The hips and the chest might move in opposite directions while the arms bounce back and forward. However, every movement is related to the rhythm. To master any African dance, you first must learn to control and move each part of your body separately. Dances are important events within different communities. Therefore, people often wear traditional outfits for the occasion, including textiles or pelts, body decoration, and masks. Shoes are rarely worn, though. Body decoration is common and, as the dance itself is, full of symbolism and social meaning.

Some dancers wear jewelry to indicate social status or as protection from evil spirits. Body painting is also a popular practice among many groups. Several dances involve the use of masks. They can be used by a member of the tribe to represent an evil spirit or a specific animal. A mask might even be worn by the religious leader to heal a sick person through dance.

Performers might wear textiles, animal pelts, feathers, or a combination. Some have adopted modern outfits with a traditional touch, like the colorful baggy pants worn for the Kpanlogo dance in Ghana. Others still wear traditional outfits, like in the South African Indlamu dance, originated among Zulu warriors.

The men wear animal pelts and ceremonial belts as they dance with shields and spears. Let's take a couple of moments to review what we've learned. In a much-loved song, Arlindo Cruz, one of the greatest modern poets of Samba, describes his neighbourhood and home. I fell in love with Samba music the first time I listened to its electrifying rhythm and the oomph of the drums. Latin Boogalu. Sueno Su Boca I say your name Raul. Pixinguina is considered to be one of the greatest Brazilian songwriters of all times.

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The next song is the father/daughter song or the mother/son song – very important too. The last song is the one that ends the wedding, and it is meant for everyone to dance to. Finally make sure you hire a very nice DJ that will be able to roll out the exact kind of music or songs needed. Here are 40 Coolest African Wedding Songs 1.

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