Get One Together

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Do you know the person or title these quotes desc Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of get-together. Synonyms for get-together Synonyms assembly , congress , convention , convocation , council , gathering , huddle , meeting Visit the Thesaurus for More. Laid-back and sunny Describing character, part 3. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction.

Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. What is it called? Words nearby get one's act together get off the ground , get off the hook , get on , get one down , get one's , get one's act together , get one's bearings , get one's comeuppance , get one's dander up , get one's ducks in a row , get one's feet on the ground.

Everybody get together Try to love one another Right now Some may come and some may go We shall surely pass When the one that left us here Returns for us at last We are but a moment's sunlight Fading in the grass Come on people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another Right now Come on people now Smile on your.

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  1. To get one’s act together means to get organized, to make a plan and carry it out, to get serious and apply oneself to the matter at hand. The phrase get one’s act together is usually used when a person has been scatterbrained, lazy, or inefficient. The idiom get one’s act together came into use in the s, but has an uncertain origin.
  2. 1 a coming together of a number of persons for a specified purpose. promised to meet friends for lunch after that morning's get-together for sales reps. Synonyms for get-together. assembly, congress, convention, convocation, council, gathering.
  3. Get together is a verb phrase that means to socially gather two or more people in one place. Get together may also describe aggregating a group of things. Lastly, get together may refer to two or more people putting aside their differences in order to cooperate. Related terms .
  4. English Language Learners Definition of get-together.: an informal social gathering. See the full definition for get-together in the English Language Learners Dictionary.
  5. OneTogether is a partnership between leading professional organisations with an interest in the prevention of surgical site infection (SSI). The partnership has been initiated as a quality improvement collaborative with the aim of promoting and supporting the adoption of best practice to prevent SSI throughout the patient's surgical journey.
  6. get (one's) act together 1. To take action to become well-organized, prepared, or in a better state of life. You need to get your act together and finish packing so that we can leave for the airport on time tomorrow morning.
  7. " Get Together ", also known as " Let's Get Together ", is a song written in the mids by American singer-songwriter Chet Powers (stage name Dino Valenti).
  8. get one's act together. Also, get one's shit or it all together. Start to behave more appropriately or effectively; get organized. For example, Once Joe gets his act together he'll get a raise, or You'd better get it all together before the boss comes back. The variant using shit is considered vulgar.

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