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Add to Watch list Remove from watch list. Watch list is full. Longtime member. No additional import charges at delivery! This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. The infection got out of control and actually ended in violence. It's even implied that they may have produced a hybrid Ethereal, which would be a disaster for the Tau given how obedience to the Ethereal caste is basically hard coded into their DNA.

While it is possible for Genestealers to infect the Eldar , it's extremely hard for them to get anywhere with any of the four varieties due to their highly advanced medical technology all four, yes even the Exodites , universal emphatic abilities, very regimented lifestyles Craftworld , slow breeding rate and the fact that irregular psychic activity amongst them gets located and dealt with very quickly all four, heck mind bulletry is pretty much the only thing the Dark Eldar ban.

Even when they are infected, the taint spreads much more slowly due to the Eldar's prolonged gestation period, which makes infecting them more trouble than it is worth in most situations. So far the only examples among Eldar are those who knowingly and openly embraced their pants-thieving overlords.

Needless to say, the other Ynnari who contacted them were pissed. This was done in their misguided attempt to avoid getting consumed by Slaanesh because this Craftworld had left before the Infinity Circuit was invented and thus didn't have one; their logic was that if they gave themselves over to the Broodmind, their souls would be assimilated before Slaanesh could consume them.

There is also something of a Genestealer cult growing among the Dark Eldar in Commorragh. After a raid with lots of captives taken to Commorragh, the Haemonculi found out some of them were Genestealer cultists. The hybrids were singled out and experimented on so their mutations would emerge.

When some bored Dark Eldar among the social elite found out about this, they paid the Haemonculi to graft these Genestealer body parts on them for kicks given how Genestealer reproduction involve a genetic re-write of infected hosts using the Stealer's own DNA, you can see what a stupid idea this is. It looks like the Hive Mind might find a way into Commorragh given how these Dark Eldar, who collectively call themselves the Vorgani, started forming tight-knit groups and share a singular obsession over a Tyranid-infested planet trapped in the Webway.

As for the Necrons , they're goddamn undead robots. If you even consider this possibility you're fucking retarded. Finally, and perhaps most troubling, is the mention that Tyranids have been targeting Hrud warrens. Hrud lack the defenses of the above races and are naturally predisposed towards infesting a planet and migrating en mass to a new one.

Genestealers are pretty lore accurate in Dawn of War 2. They eat whatever they face. They act as the ultimate melee troops for Tyranids in tier 2. Let's run some numbers: A regular Tactical Marine starts with 60 melee skill, a standard melee squad starts with These motherfuckers are starting with 80 by default!

And this even gets worse if they have any synapse support. Yeah, they can basically murderfuck anything in melee combat. And this gets even worse if they use their Adrenal Rush ability. Gains increased speed and damage, gains small amount of health in each hit they make, and decreases incoming ranged damage. Everything aside, the most simple solution to deal with them is to get a walker out. Genestealers can't purchase their anti vehicle klaws until tier 3. That makes them balanced right? I hope so.

But when they get them, they can solo a Dreadnought! Thankfully, they have light infantry armour, which means that they can be killed easily with most ranged weaponry and struggle against melee fighters that are able to survive long enough to get a few hits in themselves.

AoE melee attacks are your friend against them. In battle, both Ymgarl and Purestrain Genestealers are ridiculously deadly in melee, both in fluff and on the tabletop. On the tabletop, when a brood of Genestealers charges something, it's very unlikely to survive to the next turn unless it's a Land Raider due to their massive number of good strength attacks, rending, and high weapon skill that means they hit most things on 3s seriously, these guys have higher weapons skill than a lot things made out to be close-combat experts , not to mention that they are fast little fuckers.

A Zerg rush has nothing on these guys. In the fluff, their claws are so damned sharp that they might as well be power weapons back in 2nd Edition and pre-codex 3rd Edition they WERE power weapons , slicing through armor and walls like a chainsaw going through a rice paper wall. Their hypnotic eye powers show up irregularly in the fluff, showing up in the Dark Disciples Novel but not Ciaphas Cain; Hero of the Imperium for example. Unlike Kroots though, they are not there to slow the enemy, they provide a hazardous area for the first turns and then, when the main force has reached their position, they jump out to help OMNOMMing.

In some editions Genestealer broods could upgrade one of the members to a Broodlord , which formerly had a major role due to the biomorphs it could use and psyker powers, but being reduced to a sergeant basically made it just add an extra punch, though it still had a better statline than any non Special-Character Space Marine HQs except the CSM's daemon prince.

Sixth Edition turned Broodlords into rape machines in challenges, as they are able to bring down almost any independent character in the game without eternal warrior, while costing much, MUCH less.

In 8th Edition, Genestealers are still great, but other armies have some melee options that are pretty on-par with them. Such xenos cults have thrived in the dark corners of the Imperium longer than any now suspect.

On those occasions when they rise up in open rebellion, they can capsize a planet's defences in a matter of solar hours. The many generations of Genestealer hybrids in a cult, from First to Fourth, including a unique Kelermorph. The cultists of these grand insurgencies have spent their whole lives preparing for the day of the final conquest. Generation after generation have been bred in secrecy, cycle after cycle bearing nauseating fruit. The infected have spread the curse to others, and to their children, who in turn have infected more.

Like a living virus, they breed exponentially, their numbers swelling until the rulers of the society's underworld are strong enough to seize the entire host planet. Though the later generations of each cycle have the appearance of common men and women, inside they are xenos through and through. Their allegiance is owed only to the organisms that brought the Genestealer Curse to their world, and the hybrids of their hidden kindred.

Their Patriarch, starborne and inhuman, squats at the centre of a web of influence that expands until it covers the entire world. Every soul in the cult is mindlessly obedient to this repulsive creature, and would give their lives to save it. Once the cult is fully mature, it seeks to propagate once more. Its leaders carefully send selected Purestrains on long journeys to locate new feeding grounds, there to begin the whole hellish process over again.

A full Purestrain Genestealer starts the infection cycle by inserting their genetic material into a host victim. As the infestation spreads and the cult grows, the first Genestealer takes the role of a Genestealer Patriarch and often grows larger into an obese and psychic monstrosity. The host victims, or Contagii , return to their own societies and begin to have an urgent need to find a mate and begin a family.

This mate also becomes infected with Genestealer DNA through sexual intercourse with the infected host. Contagii , many of whom become Brood Brothers , still physically resemble other members of their species, though they may have a slight blue or mauve pallor to their skin and can be psychically controlled by the Patriarch through the Broodmind to become mindless slaves, making them the perfect infiltrators.

The psychic control of the Genestealer's Kiss can be resisted by infected Space Marines , as seen with members of the Scythes of the Emperor. However even they wear psychic dampening hoods to keep out the Broodmind's urgings. The first of a cult's vile children, a First Generation Hybrid or Maelignaci is as much of a monster as it looks.

More reminiscent of a Genestealer than a human, these foul creatures feature between five or six limbs, each one ending in sharp talons. These mutants often serve as Acolyte Hybrids.

Their bulbous heads have the facial features of their xenos gene-father, with their skin taking on a purple hue. These creatures are little more than beasts, their instincts directing their every move. The second generation of hybrids are hunched and stooped -- not in the manner of the old or infirm, but more like pressured springs, ready to explode into movement. Like the generation before them, Second Generation Hybrids, who also serve as Acolyte Hybrids, may have five or six limbs, but their eyes and mouth are more like their human parents, and they can make themselves understood in Low Gothic.

Though their minds are still so alien that they defy analysis, they are still sapient enough to understand their host society. Some are even put to work in the industrial brotherhoods of their kin, their uncanny strength and resilience allowing them to use heavy mining tools and explosives with far more ease than any mere human.

Taking a fully upright stance, the Third Generation Hybrid is reminiscent of many mutants in Imperial society. Their foul features go unnoticed in the underhives of many Imperial worlds. However, on closer inspection their alien form is revealed. They have heavily ridged heads, mauve to violet skin, and may even hide an extra clawed limb under their tattered clothes. True hybrids often become Kelermorphs and Loci. A 4th Generation Genestealer Hybrid can pass for almost fully human.

By the fourth generation, the scions of the Genestealer Cult can pass for fully human, inveigling themselves into positions of power to further the aims of their sinister cult. Most of these Primacii serve as Neophyte Hybrids. A few members of this generation possess psychic powers and become a Magus or Genestealer Primus.

They are often noticed by their human overseers as dutiful, hard-working citizens, and as such, often find themselves above suspicion. Many of these hybrids join the Astra Militarum to spread their vile seed across the galaxy, starting new cults and claiming worlds for their four-armed Patriarch. Between the fourth and fifth generations of hybrids, the Genestealer Cult will prepare for all-out war.

They will spawn Hybrid Metamorphs , creatures that echo the warrior bioforms of the Tyranid hive fleets and are built only to serve as vicious cannon fodder for the coming battles. Paradoxically, the Genestealer's pure strain DNA reemerges in the fifth generation of hybrids since the initial infection, giving birth to a full Tyranid Purestrain Genestealer, albeit one showing some physical characteristics of the original host species.

Thus the cycle can begin anew, as the new Purestrain Genestealers have the potential to infiltrate other worlds and become a Patriarch. The genesis of a Genestealer Cult is a strange and disturbing process. Though it obeys a loosely cyclical structure, many offshoots and bastardisations occur, resulting in a spectrum of anatomies from the outwardly wholesome to the truly bizarre.

All members of this tainted family tree -- even the non-hybrid members, known as the "Brood Brothers" -- remain fiercely loyal to one another, bound as one by the gestalt psychic Broodmind. The most powerful weapon of the Genestealer Cult is secrecy. From the moment the infection vector arrives to the grand uprising itself, the faithful stick to the shadows. Those elements that emerge into the light of everyday life wear a mask of mundanity; outwardly, its cultists worship the same deity as the host civilisation, albeit a strange variant thereof.

They teach extreme modesty, keeping their mutations hidden under robes and industrial clothing. Latter-generation hybrids work tirelessly, respecting the old and cherishing the young.

Only on the day of reckoning is the awful truth of their existence revealed. Most Genestealer Cults have a common hierarchy determined by the Genestealer reproductive cycle. Those cults unearthed by the Inquisition have a common hierarchy, largely dictated by the generations and cycles of xenos infection.

Though variations occur, the Patriarch is analogous to the monarch of this kingdom, with the Magus as his grand vizier and the Primus the leader of his holy crusades. The dynasty that serves them can number in the millions. Every iteration of the Genestealer infection can spread anarchy and disaster. Better known as "brood cycles," the mockeries of family lineage that form the framework of each cult are all slaves of the Patriarch's greatness.

To celebrate his magnificent strangeness by echoing his form is a privilege like no other. Though all pay homage to the Patriarch, each brood cycle has a strong internal coherence, and many will bear markings that bind them further to their brethren within the cult.

The order of battle of the Glatchian Creed of Isis V presented here is an example of how a Genestealer Cult organises itself for its final uprising. Though the broods of each cycle are similar in organisation, the Genestealer Curse does not conform to the strictures of mortal science. Anomalous bioforms rise to the surface with every new generation, for interbreeding within the cult is common, and Tyranid gene-matter is, by its very nature, highly mutable.

Even as the second and subsequent cycles spread the infection anew, the original brood cycle will still be active, casting the web of the Patriarch's influence ever further.

A fully mature Genestealer Cult is huge; it can number in the millions or even billions, perhaps more if it covers several worlds. The Cult of the Pauper Princes , for instance, originated on the world of Chancer's Vale , but has taken its fervent creed to the Sentinel World of Vigilus , and fifteen other planets besides. The original instance, known as the "genesis infestation," is the most numerous, but all subsequent infestations -- sometimes known as "splinter cults" -- have much the same colouration of chitin and flesh.

There might be small differences in markings and even temperament, but they are cut from the same cloth; they may even use fundamentally the same heraldic colours to show their wider allegiance. Necessity often demands that these colours are adapted to fit in with local uniforms and societal norms, but armbands or tattoos are sometimes employed as a unifying feature, albeit often hidden from sight. All the cultists of a given world are known as an "infestation," and each populous area can propagate several full brood cycles.

All the cultists in a given population centre are known as a "gene-sect. Though each gene-sect may further differentiate itself with markings and subtleties of colouration, ultimately they all hail from the same Patriarch, and usually work together seamlessly. Each gene-sect has its own specialist bioforms and war leaders, including a Magus, Primus and Nexos.

These usually hail from the fourth generation, and hence can pass for human. So close are they in thought and deed that they and their peers in other gene-sects may even band together to fight in the same place at the same time. These gene-sects, usually at least several hundred members strong, are further subdivided into "claws.

Claws will have at least one leader figure that guides them in their mission, and each Magus and Primus will have several claws at their disposal, ranging from Neophyte groups that can pass for human to monstrous broods of Aberrants that are unmistakably alien. One the cult reaches a point of maturity where it feels secure enough that it can spare the resources to spread, it sends out a Genestealer -- or even an entire brood -- to find new prey. These will either come from the original brood to have made planetfall, known as the "First Curse," or the Purestrain Genestealers of a brood cycle's fifth generation.

These vectors of infection will start a new gene-sect should they find another suitable population centre on the same world, or an entirely new infestation if they reach a planet that can support a splinter of the parent cult.

Typically each planet only has one Patriarch, but it can have many Maguses and Primuses as its lieutenants in different parts of the world. If the existing Patriarch dies, the next Genestealer to have infected a host on that planet will adapt and grow to become the new Patriarch over time. There are exceptions -- should an infestation's outrider organisms find a population centre so rich in life it has the equivalent of a small planetary populace unto itself, the Purestrain Genestealer that is sent out to colonise it can become a new Patriarch in its own right.

This will very rarely happen in contiguous land masses, due to the psychic backlash that could result, but provided the sites are sufficiently removed it can theoretically occur.

The two gene-sects will be competing for resources, and may even come into conflict, but when the Hive Fleet arrives, the gestalt mind of the Tyranid species takes overall control.

From the moment the first hybrid is born, the cult begins preparing for a world-spanning war of insurrection. There are other factors that can trigger a large-scale military intervention, sometimes before the dynasty reaches critical mass. Woe betide those who derail the cult's master plan, for its warriors strike serpent-fast, and their vengeance is terrible.

Genestealer Cults are concerned with their own propagation above all, and will usually only commit to an armed action on its own terms. There remain exceptions, of course, for in the crumbling edifice of the Imperium , even the most watertight plans do not last long in practice.

Each ruction, setback or disaster is handled in its own fashion. On occasion, an incautious power-grab or roving aberration may lead to the cult being investigated by Imperial authorities. If an inquest from the Adeptus Arbites -- or worse still, the Inquisition -- cannot be dealt with by a visit from the Magus or his minions, the cult may soon find itself under attack by anything from a regiment of Militarum Tempestus soldiers to a strike force of Deathwatch Space Marines.

Though this calibre of attack can eradicate a Genestealer Cult in a scouring that shakes the underworld to its core, all it takes is for one Tyranid lifeform to escape and the cult can begin anew. Such purges are uncommon, for the cult spreads its infection in the shadows -- and amidst the vast, sprawling confusion of the Imperium, there are millions of locations where one cannot be easily discovered.

With the cult's members inducted from the indigenous populace, they have countless advantages. Those recruited from the underbelly of society are already wise to the best places to hide, whereas those from the upper echelons have influence enough to cover their tracks with ease.

Over time, the cult spreads its creed from one stratum of civilisation to another. A mature cult with several brood cycles will have everything from sewerjacks, factotums and autoproctors to high justices and spirelords under its sway. On the day of uprising, all the infected members of a planet will act as one, bound to the cause of destabilisation and sabotage as the shock troops of the cult take out the military targets they have proven unable to infiltrate.

This broad-spectrum attack has proven utterly devastating on hundreds of worlds; so prepared were the insurrectionists that, in places, the planet's infrastructure was turned on its head and then dismantled entirely in a matter of solar days. The entire effort is painstakingly coordinated by each gene-sect's Nexos, whose simulations, tactical analyses and hololith-guided battle projections give their brethren a vital edge.

In conjunction with a Clamavus, an expert in both the dissemination of information and the disruption of the prey's communications, the Nexos will convey their constantly adapting plans to the greater throng. Should something go awry, as it sometimes does when the Imperium's megalithic structure seeks to protect itself, it is the Nexos who drives the attack to victory along a different vector.

Perhaps they will have to redistribute subterranean assets after hearing word from their Jackal Alphus lieutenant of a drop insertion force of Space Marines sent to stymie the cult's attack.

Perhaps they will order their Rockgrinders to block the roads or demolish buildings in order to hold back the mass assault of a mechanised Sisters of Battle army. With curt orders and split-second decision making, the Nexos will put into motion contingency plans and adaptive strategies that see the cult withdraw as one, only to strike elsewhere -- for they are linked, body and soul, far more than any conventional military force.

On a wider level it is they who determine the optimum time for the cult to rise up in unforeseen circumstances; where its war leaders may deal in faith and fury, the Nexos' role is that of cold hard logic. The Cult's Primus, being a war leader, has a more aggressive approach to the propagation of his kin.

He will gather a hand-picked army from the parent cult, and then strike out to claim new worlds in the name of the Patriarch. Often this is done under the guise of industry, making use of existing space lanes and import routes to carry a host of Genestealer Cultists to a new planet.

In the darkness of the cargo holds, shipment auto-crates will hiss open, and the Primus will lead his brethren forth. Should their incursion be uncovered, the cult will strike with swift and overwhelming force.

If their assault does not take down their new adversaries in short order, they will scatter like oil-roaches in torchlight, seeking shelter in the dank corners of their new domain before later regrouping. Most cults, nestled in hiding, will be content to wait for the storm to pass.

But if the invasion directly threatens their interests, they will fight like a hive of angered hornets to defend them. Such planets teeter on the brink of catastrophe, rescued from one alien warhost only to find their saviours embody another, far more sinister threat. Should all go well, the cult will wait with the patience of spiders for their moment, generation after generation spent in preparation for the final battle as they infect ever more territory.

Once all is in order, the intricate web of secrecy is finally torn away, and the world is plunged into anarchy. When a cult rises up to conquer their host planet, it is usually because a Tyranid Hive Fleet has blackened the sky with the immensity of its bio-ships.

Combining that with the stock of small units of rocksaw Acolytes actually going significantly up relative to almost everything else, my game plan for GSC would be broadly focused around forcing an opponent to commit to a mid-board fight at the start of the game, and then utilising carefully measured out waves of reinforcements to try and keep that fight going long enough that I come out on top of the primary scoring.

Ridgerunners are also still just fantastic fire support, being able to counter deploy and do more damage on the move, and even gaining Blast on their big gun to up the output against things like larger Primaris squads. Genestealer Cults Patriarch. Credits: That Gobbo. Patriarchs go up 10pts, but remain a steal at , while most other things follow the standard trend, being rounded up to the next 5pts and then having 5 added, so picking up increases in the pts range, largely keeping them good value.

The only massive outlier is the Primus — unfortunately the fact that his equipment previously cost 3 ends up disastrous for him, because his base cost is increased to 80 and then 2pts added to the sword as well, for a total increase of 10pts on a unit that could comfortably have only gotten 5.

He retains a powerful aura effect, but might see a slight drop in utilisation because of it. The only other thing to note here is that Familiars got rounded up to 15pts each.

Taking one to turn into The Crouchling. Is still fine. Acolyte Hybrid with Rocksaw Credit: Pendulin. The news is a bit less good for the legendary hand-flamer bomb — the flamers themselves go up a point each, taking you to ten points a model. Coupled with no longer playing in an ITC format where bleeding kills from small squads is really bad, I expect to see more small squads packing saws, and fewer hand flamer bombs. Luckily, those got punted pretty hard, so having to plan to go through a whole army of them is a much smaller consideration.

Genestealer Cults Neophyte Hybrids. Credit: Corrode. Brood Brothers I expect to see less of — one of the key uses of them was to fill out mixed detachments where their lack of Cult Creed was meaningless anyway. Finally, Neophytes. One extra point a model here is good too, though there are some side-grades in their equipment.

However, the mining laser and seismic cannon both go down two points to 10, which is good. Realistically, the mining laser is still king here — take it and enjoy it. While you do thus end up with a slight downgrade in the output of the squads without the nearly-free webbers on top, that means model units of these with lasers only climbs up to 80pts instead of 74pts, which is extremely below rate and means there probably is still an angle on Bladed Cog lists flooding parts of the board with them.

Genestealers are amongst the most infamous and feared of all Tyranid organisms. As the first Tyranids encountered by the Imperium, their ferocity, hardiness, and .

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  1. Genestealer, a free online Shooting game brought to you by Armor Games. It's a new flash abstract shooter from ActiveGames%.
  2. Jun 29,  · The Genestealer Cults represent a parasitic infection of mind, body and soul that eats away at the heart of the Imperium. On an untold number of worlds, they wait for the glorious day when they begin their uprising.
  3. Feb 24,  · CC's Guide to Genestealer Cults (Somewhat Dated) How to start Collecting Efficiently. FAQs and Erata. Codex: Genestealer Cults. Codex: Tyranids. Codex: Astra Militarum. Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good. Competitive Lists. 40kstats.
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  5. Jul 29,  · Hey everyone, I’m Alex Macdougal from Art of War, and I want to talk to you about my Four Armed Friends Of all the factions that have to change going into 9th edition, the Genestealer Cult may be the most extreme.. An army that excelled at denial, board control, and absolutely crushing charges now has to alter how it achieves any of those things effectively.
  6. -I have always loved the genestealer models, even back before I know what 40k was and just saw my friends older brothers White Dwarf magazines when I was a kid-The new models are even better, with excellent detail and posing options. You can make a unit of genestealers look like the most chaotic mess of talons and claws or an orderly tide of /5(43).
  7. The Genestealer Cults are a canker growing within the heart of Imperial society. Upon countless worlds there exist cells of xenophile cultists, their biology tainted by Tyranid genetic materials, their lives utterly dedicated to throwing off their Imperial shackles in the name of their cult’s monstrous Patriarch.

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