Feel It - Various - Mix (The) House 2 (Cassette)

We, the reader, were fed glimpses of Sheffield in the 80s, between lives from Australia and Sc Thanks to NetGalley for an early copy of this book for review. We, the reader, were fed glimpses of Sheffield in the 80s, between lives from Australia and Scotland 30 years later. It was this part of the story that I felt a connection to first. Sheffield in the past was filled with people good and bad, lives that were perfect and ones that were hidden.

The present was much less nuanced. Like any romance of missed opportunities, we are told to believe that where people are at the start is not their happy ending. He cares about her and their family, but he just does it a little forcefully. Or the relationships Ali had at least. I also appreciated the music part of it. Maybe my listening experience would have been improved by listening to the songs whilst I read.

May 21, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: new-releases , misc , e-books. Book 21 of - Mix Tape Contains some spoilers " There they go, at the beginning of it all, their younger selves, walking through the dark, winter streets of Sheffield: Daniel Lawrence and Alison Connor. Her hand in his feels too good to be only a hand, and his presence, by her Book 21 of - Mix Tape Contains some spoilers " There they go, at the beginning of it all, their younger selves, walking through the dark, winter streets of Sheffield: Daniel Lawrence and Alison Connor.

Her hand in his feels too good to be only a hand, and his presence, by her side, makes her mouth feel dry, and her heart beat too quickly, too close to the skin. A charmingly light read, yet the characters and settings are so well developed. I much preferred this to my last light read: The Flatshare , because The Flatshare , while delightful, could be too frothy and rose-tinted even when it tried to bring in some heavier themes, and tied every loose end up with a sugar-pink ribbon.

Mix Tape is for those of us who are maybe slightly cynical and pragmatic even when it comes to romance, and who appreciate a healthy dollop of realism alongside some calorific idealism. Daniel and Alison are teenagers with a shared passion for music who are just beginning to fall head-over-heels in love with one another. Each chapter fluctuates between two timelines and three settings, s Sheffield and Edinburgh or Adelaide where Daniel and Alison now live respectively, with spouses that definitely aren't each other.

Dual timelines can be tricky, with one usually being infinitely more engaging than the other, but here I can undoubtedly say I enjoyed all three with the same intensity.

Sanderson pays equal attention to all in regards to plot, detail, and emotion. Each chapter past and present is a layer in Daniel and Alison's story: what happened, why didn't they stay together, why did Alison run away from Sheffield and how did they end up on opposite sides of the world?

Things aren't as black and white as a teenage break-up, because fast-forward thirty-four years to when music journalist Dan stumbles across Alison in the Twittersphere, she's undergone a complete metamorphosis from the sweet Sheffield lass he used to date. Alison is now 'Ali' Connor, an Australian writer whose new book has become an international bestseller and who is a bigger enigma to Dan than ever. Dan has more questions than answers, but doesn't know what to say, so instead he sends her a link to their shared musical past: Elvis Costello's 'Pump It Up'.

Unknowingly, Dan reignites a flame he thought lay extinguished in the urban decay of '70s Sheffield, and one that will simultaneously take him in to the past and across the world. The use of music in Mix Tape is implied, and I can't recall having read anything that incorporates music so tastefully before or if I have it obviously wasn't memorable. The weighted emphasis Ali and Dan place in their song choices courier lost feelings across the divide, and are rife with connotations that the reader must decipher, leaving the main prose uncomplicated and smooth.

Dan's partner his wife all but in name is snarky and snipes at Dan at every moment. It makes characters flat and predictable, as well as undermining the legitimacy of trauma that comes with adultery. Ali and Dan are the cheats here, but they're also our protagonists. In fact, I didn't like how Dan talked about his partner at all. Secondly, I felt the rape scene was somewhat unnecessary, which I appreciate is a loaded statement, but it did feel very much like trauma porn. Alison comes from an impoverished family in the depths of dank Attercliffe, a neighbourhood that is literally being demolished around her even today, it remains the same, only with more brothels.

Her father left when she was born, her mother is a raging alcoholic and her brother is her only protector; it's a brutal shock when she realizes he's not as invincible as she thought, leaving her dangerously exposed.

The rape was tacked on at the end, it was brief, laden with insincerity and hardly explored again despite it being a huge catalyst.

The story and characters will stick with me for a long time. Also, if you're someone who loves to ship characters alongside a playlist, then Mix Tape comes with it's own built in playlist baby, and you can even listen to it on Spotify. How meta. Feb 12, Lynn Brown rated it it was amazing.

I chose to read this book as the title was a blast from the past for me and reminded me of the many mix tapes I used to make. I wasn't really prepared for what I went on to read; thinking the book was going to be just a straightforward lighthearted retro look at the s. Alison was Daniel's girlfriend in Sheffield in the late s - their ages were similar to my own, all the music they listened to was my music - apart from Daniel's favourite band the Comsat Angels who seem to have passed me by I chose to read this book as the title was a blast from the past for me and reminded me of the many mix tapes I used to make.

Alison was Daniel's girlfriend in Sheffield in the late s - their ages were similar to my own, all the music they listened to was my music - apart from Daniel's favourite band the Comsat Angels who seem to have passed me by.

But my fave band Echo and the Bunnymen and the Human League get lots of mentions - it took me right back. The first hard hitting part of the book was when we find out the reason for Alison leaving Sheffield in the s and more about her brother Peter.

Never even saying goodbye to Daniel she left him at a loss as to what happened. I thought back to that time and how different things were then and how you had no way to contact someone with no mobile phones. I was surprised and saddened by the events in Alison's young life wondering how in those different times I would have coped.

On different sides of the world each with their own life to live, and yet through the power of music they become united once again. I thought the book was very well researched even down to Huey Morgan being on Radio 6 at the right time of day! The book is rich with dialogue and description, but not an unnecessary word appears. It was a joy to read and will stay with me for a long time to come. View 1 comment. Do you ever forget your first love? What happened to them?

Are they happy? These questions are answered with a phone message and a song link. The way the story was written with the musical references was a nice change of pace.

I did have some issues with the flow of the book and enjoyed the "then" moments more than the "now". Overall it was a great read. I received an arc of this book. Oct 25, Karen Barber rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an unexpectedly entertaining read.

Alison Connor has a pretty miserable life as a student in Sheffield. She finds herself a boyfriend, Dan Lawrence, and their shared love of music is just one thing they have in common.

Dan is a music journal Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an unexpectedly entertaining read. Dan is a music journalist and happy. Then they get in touch The love of music was a definite bonus, and it certainly gets you wondering what if. Aug 14, Bianca rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks. But top this all off with it being partially set in my home town of Adelaide, I was in! In parts, the back story feels a little overdrawn but in saying that, it made the characters and places come to life for me.

The story is messy, complicated and imperfect but delivers a beautiful sense of closure. And check out Spotify for the playlist!! An added bonus, to enrich your reading pleasure.

Lovely read - not a light and fluffy as I imagined. Dan and Alison met as teenagers but lost touch - will they ever see each other again? They both have families, Dan now in Scotland and Alison in Adelaide. Jun 14, Kirstie rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio. Listened to this on audio and loved it. Helped that j love the Australian and the accent Brilliant story of young love and how a split decision can send you a certain way.

It's first love in Sheffield to the accompaniment of a fantastic soundtrack of music Elvis Costello, Blondie, Jilted John.

Switch to present day , Daniel is now Dan, living in Edinburgh with his partner Katelin, son Alex and dog, Dan is a music writer. Alison is now Ali, a writer, married with two daughters and living in Adelaide, Australia.

Then Kev Carter sends Dan a tweet about Ali and all the memories come flooding back. But how do you reach out to your first true love after over 30 years? When words seem too trite why not send a link to a musical memory from your shared past, in this case Elvis Costello and The Attractions' 'Pump It Up'.

Dan and Ali continue to send each other links to music that resonates with them, music from their shared past and music from a time when they were no longer together. Told in two alternating timelines we see Daniel and Alison fall in love despite their differences in class: Alison and her older brother struggling to cope with an alcoholic mother while Daniel leads a charmed life with a cosy loving middle-class family.

In the present day Dan deals with his partner's contempt for his profession and his best friend's infidelity, Ali deals with her youngest daughter's surprise pregnancy and her husband's arrogant belief that the family will do whatever he decrees.

What happens when Twitter gives two people a chance to reconnect, to look back at their past and to think about what might have been? Is the grass always greener on the other side?

What caused them to separate so completely 30 years ago? After reading this book all I really wanted was to download this playlist and play it over and over again, that's how invested I got into the characters and their musical love letters to each other across the world.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Bumped for release. Jan 23, Grace J Reviewerlady rated it it was amazing.

Oh, I didn't know what I was letting myself in for with this book; it's one of those magical stories which leaves you feeling absolutely privileged to be let in to a secret! Alison and Dan are first loves in their teenage years, but circumstances tear them apart.

Dan was always into music, and made up a mix tape for Alison, the only thing she kept of his. Redirected from Free As A Bird. Formerly unreleased home demo song by John Lennon released in Anthology documentary. This article is about the Beatles song. For the album by Supertramp, see Free as a Bird album. For the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, see Free Bird. For the concept in Germanic law, see Vogelfrei. New York City Sussex , England. The Beatles. Apple Records. CDP 8 2. Retrieved 19 February Retrieved 22 February Rolling Stone.

Archived from the original on 16 February Retrieved 28 January The Observer. The Rough Guide To the Beatles. Rough Guides. The video alludes to Lennon and Yoko's involvement in the campaign for James Hanratty, hanged in , by using the murder car's registration for a police van in the A Day in the Life crash scene — BHN.

Official Grammys Website. Archived from the original on 13 February BBC h2g2. The Guardian. Retrieved 29 October The Independent. Archived from the original on 15 June Retrieved 10 March The Rip Post. The Rough Guide to the Beatles.

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He went on to say that they felt lucky to have covered it and that they felt it could have been something that they had written. Their first official single release featured various versions of "Blue Monday" and upon the success of the song the band decided to include their previous single "Stitches" on the second release.

With the label's support this release was an enhanced CD that featured the music video for "Blue Monday" on 9 February , [88] which was in QuickTime format. The music video for "Blue Monday" also appeared on several music television stations, and the song was also released on vinyl.

The song appeared on modern rock radio stations, [89] and was a hit on MTV; [86] it appeared on MTV's alternative music program minutes [88] and TRL , in which it debuted at number eight on 22 February It also appeared in Time Magazine [] and Newsweek [] in as featured song clips. Orgy's "Blue Monday" has been called the "aggro-fied-for-thes" version of New Order's song, [90] and it is considered to be part of a resurgence of new wave covers in gloomcore, along with Dope 's cover of Dead or Alive 's " You Spin Me Round Like a Record ".

Richards of Sputnik felt that even though many of the songs off of Candyass sounded similar, "Blue Monday" was a great song that should not be overlooked. In a January Spin Magazine interview, Buckcherry 's vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson did not speak highly of the song, likening its sound to a Nine Inch Nails rip-off and calling the sound "mechanical". Information on Blue Monday single. Flunk covered the song and released it as single in In this version, Flunk slows down "Blue Monday", making it a popular hit for Flunk, [] based in part on the song's wide recognition.

The lyrics become the focus for this version rather than the danceable beat which was emphasized in the original version. The original release was on the EP titled Blue Monday. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A second sample of the song, displaying its upbeat electronic drums and synth bass line as well as Bernard Sumner's deadpan vocals. New Order Quincy Jones. Acid techno acid trance hard trance progressive house.

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Retrieved 18 August Retrieved 7 March Enough of this crushingly predictable gig ritual". Retrieved 11 June Northern Soul. October Fischer, Dr. Fernand; Jost, PD Dr. Christofer eds. Songlexikon - The Encyclopedia of Songs. Retrieved 12 November Upon Paper. London: Uponpaper.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 [Cassette] by Various Artists Audio Cassette $ Mark J. House. out of 5 stars Guardians of Classic Rock. Reviewed in the United States on March 21, I feel like a teenager again! Danced while I did housework. But it is from my era/5(9).

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  1. The second mix on this cd is the same one as the first mix that appears on Serious Beats Vol. 7 - Mega Dance Party Mix. Tracks are listed from 1 to 55, but each mix is actually a single CD track. Track 1 duration: Track 2 duration: Track is listed without mix information/5(25).
  2. Opa Opa (Armand Van Helden Club Mix) Remix – Armand Van Helden: – Goldfrapp: Strict Machine (Benny Benassi Sfaction Extended Mix) Remix – Benny Benassi: – Robbie Rivera Grooves* Funk A Faction (Robbie Rivera Mix) – Alter Ego: Rocker (Original Mix) – Mr. Fingers: Can You Feel it (Chuck D. Mix) – Deep Dish 4/5(1).
  3. Track 7 title is listed as " I Be Released" on the back cover & booklet. Track 11 title is erroneously listed as "Cosmotrash". Track 35 title is misspelled as "Loose Control (In Dub We Trust)", as on the sleeve of the original release. Track 38 artist is incorrectly listed as Virus EP; that's the name of the EP the track is taken from. Track 41 artist is incorrectly listed as Damien Donato, as /5(22).
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