Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

By the time you get to "h", it's impossible to tell whether the heavily altered vocals are of human or computerized origin; it's also completely ceased to matter. Oftentimes, the most organic sounds on Dead Cities are the most formless, and the most glaringly synthetic sounds the most emotional. This peaceful opening is soon overtaken by a sound that gradually transforms from a low, earthquake-like rumble into a blast of synthesized static.

Synthesizers and harmony vocals are layered and layered until the sound is so explosively, beautifully gigantic that you won't mind it's damaging your hearing. This album is up there with the greats. It's a peaceful, ethereal, contemplative journey that you can have just laying on your couch.

They are named after the Messier galaxy, and in my opinion, that is a perfect inspiration for their name because their music is what I picture space to sound like. Original, evocative, deep, a long-lasting pleasure, truly fantastic!

Electronic music was never meant to be this beautiful. Some parts of the album sound so huge it's almost frightening in it's Electronic music was never meant to be this beautiful. Some parts of the album sound so huge it's almost frightening in it's vastness. Listen to this album in a comfortable chair with the lights off and your mind will swim with beautiful images.

I'm so sick of the My Bloody Valentine references. Just enjoy this album for what it is: a macroscopic overburn of electronic goodness, I'm so sick of the My Bloody Valentine references. Just enjoy this album for what it is: a macroscopic overburn of electronic goodness, sometimes lilting and sometimes too intense to listen to in headphones. If in many years time people forget what M83 are capable of, this album will stand there.

Where music touches your soul - it's an album very If in many years time people forget what M83 are capable of, this album will stand there. Thus, after some three decades on radio and television in a weekly program, Jack Benny went out on top.

In fairness, Benny himself shared Fred Allen's ambivalence about television, though not quite to Allen's extent. It gave a performer close-up exposure that, week after week, threatened his existence as an interesting entertainer. In a joint appearance with Phil Silvers on Dick Cavett 's show, Benny recalled that he had advised Silvers not to appear on television.

He and Livingstone also appeared in Ed Sullivan 's Mr. Broadway as themselves. Benny often parodied contemporary films and genres on the radio program, and the film Buck Benny Rides Again features all the main radio characters in a funny Western parody adapted from program skits. The failure of one cinematic Benny vehicle, The Horn Blows at Midnight , became a running gag on his radio and television programs, although contemporary viewers may not find the film as disappointing as the jokes suggest.

Benny may have had an uncredited cameo role in Casablanca , claimed by a contemporary newspaper article [19] and advertisement [20] and reportedly in the Casablanca press book. That's all I can say. The last of these is probably the most memorable: Robert McKimson engaged Benny and his actual cast Mary Livingstone, Eddie Anderson, and Don Wilson to do the voices for the mouse versions of their characters, with Mel Blanc—the usual Warner Brothers cartoon voicemeister—reprising his old vocal turn as the always-aging Maxwell, always a phat -phat- bang!

In the cartoon, Benny and Livingstone agree to spend their anniversary at the Kit-Kat Club, which they discover the hard way is inside the mouth of a live cat. Before the cat can devour the mice, Benny himself awakens from his dream, then shakes his head, smiles wryly, and mutters, "Imagine, me and Mary as little mice. The cartoon ends with a classic Benny look of befuddlement. It was rumored that Benny requested that, in lieu of monetary compensation, he received a copy of the finished film.

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Hope also delivered a eulogy in which he stated, "For a man who was the undisputed master of comedic timing, you would have to say this is the only time when Jack Benny's timing was all wrong. He left us much too soon. In trying to explain his successful life, Benny summed it up by stating: "Everything good that happened to me happened by accident.

I was not filled with ambition nor fired by a drive toward a clear-cut goal. I never knew exactly where I was going. Upon his death, Benny's family donated his personal, professional and business papers, as well as a collection of his television shows, to UCLA. The album was first released in Europe on April 14, , then in North America on July 27, to positive reviews.

The cover art is by Justine Kurland , and is called Snow Angels. This album is also known for being founding member Nicolas Fromageau's last album with the band. The North American pressing of the album comes with a bonus disc, containing five additional tracks, including the title track of the album and a live version of "Gone", as well as the enhanced videos of the singles "Run into Flowers" and "America".

At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 86, based on 15 reviews, which indicates "universal acclaim". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The band's primary member is vocalist, s… read more. The band's primary member is vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record pr… read more.

Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Mt. Critics often compare the group to bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai.

The group say that until they read the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, they had never even heard the band. The best way to describe the group's sound is the background walls of noise heard in My Bloody Valentine, mixed with beautiful keyboard melodies heard in bands such as Sigur Ros, with early Aphex Twin sounds thrown into the mix.

While in the studio, the two guys simply add layers of keyboard on top of each other until they can get a sound that they like.

What results is a sound that at first sounds extremely messy but after a few listens sounds great. Many of the songs sound quite similar, there is not much diversity on this record. However, the band are able to constantly create beautiful soundscapes that paint a picture in the listener's mind.

The group use next to nothing but keyboards to get their sounds which is quite an acheivement. The few tracks that have vocals make use of the voice very well, using it as just another instrument an approach used by other bands such as Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine. Although the vocal tracks are nice, it's the instrumental tracks where M83 really shine. Their sound is very spacey and often makes the listener think that they are listening to the radio on an alien spaceship.

The tracks "Be Wild" and "Cyborg" are great examples. The first of the two sounds like it is a song that aliens would be playing in bars or clubs.

Best M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts QHD Unrecorded Run Into Flowers In Church America On a White Lake, Near a Green Mou.

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  1. On the list as one of the most radiant keyboard albums, M83's absurdly lush Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts combines a small arsenal of antiquated synths and drum machines with a shoegaze aesthetic to create a giant starburst of sound and analog miasma. A French duo comprised of Nicolas Fromageau and Anthony Gonzalez, the pair's songs seem to evolve from one major chord to the 8/
  2. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts is the second album from French electronica duo M83 (Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau) who, thankfully, derive their name from a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Hydra and not from an interminably lackluster stretch of noxious British motorway/5(82).
  3. Sep 06,  · referencing Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, CD, Album + CD, Enh, MUTE , DEAD CITIES, RED SEAS & LOST GHOSTS rightly put M83 on the map, and it's not difficult to hear why. Their combination of rock power, melodic melancholy and epic grandeur pack the power of an explosion/5().
  4. Apr 15,  · Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, the second album from electronic duo M83, is such an album-- and one that, with any luck, will win them widespread recognition outside their native France. Simply put, this album sounds absolutely huge, its relentless attention to detail eclipsed only by the stunning emotional power it conveys/5(19).
  5. rows · The band was initially formed as a duo also with Nicolas Fromageau; it has released eight .
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  7. Aug 26,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts on Discogs/5(65).
  8. May 12,  · Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts ends fittingly with the minute epic "Beauties Can Die", which recalls at first the melodic, pastoral electronica of Múm's /
  9. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts M Released April 14, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts Tracklist. 1. Birds Lyrics. 2. Unrecorded Lyrics. 3. Run Into.

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