Carousel Polka - Stan Golonka And His Chicago Masters - Honky Sound Of Polkas (Vinyl, LP)

By this time, it had also reached the United States. It was evident the waltz and polka were gradually replacing the contredanse and cotillion. The popularity of the polka led to the introduction of several other dances from central Europe. The simplest was the galop or galoppade which was introduced into England and France in The galop was particularly popular as the final dance of the evening. However, it never achieved great popularity as a ballroom dance.

It was danced to a slow waltz. The Polish mazurka, a fairly complicated dance to waltz music, included hops, sliding steps, and kicking the heels together. There were also combination dances such as the polka-redowa and polka-mazurka. After the initial enthusiasm, the polka gradually declined inpopularity and reached a low point with the introduction of ragtime, jazz, and the newer dances of the early twentieth century.

After the second world war, however, Polish immigrants to the United States adopted the polka as their "national" dance. It is also extremely popular with many other Americans who have succumbed to the new polka craze popularized by Lawrence Welk and other post-war bands.

For years to come, the polka will remain popular, with its variance in style from robust to smooth short, glide steps and ever happy music.

One of the most popular versions of the polka is the "heel and toe and away we go" due to its ease to execute. Polka is a popular dance in the country and western sector, and both polka and schottische are competitive Country and Western dances. When playing, dancing or discussing the polka, it is useful to have a basic awareness of its various styles.

Here is brief rundown of the different styles popular today:. These bands often included fifteen to twenty musicians, singers, and dancers. Have a listen:. Typically, it includes concertina, clarinet, trumpet, drums, and bass guitar. Stas Golonka is strictly associated with this style. Message From A Polka Fan. There are many wonderful polka videos online, but just a few actually highlight not only the best playing, singing and performances in the field, but also thanks to exceptional filming the public euphria that rare phenomenon we know as "polka happiness" created by the performances.

As a big fan of polka videos in general, both for their entertainment value and as the best means of showing the world what this music is about, I believe that the following three videos meet these criteria better than any others I have seen , and that these performances and those who filmed them thus deserve special credit for showing the world the best polka music has to offer Others will no doubt have other opinionsand "finds"-- It would be great to hear about these, too - -I'm listing these with a couple of comments in no particular order --They're all "winners," I feel in different ways:.

This is indeed rare: most groups are lucky if they have even one "showman". What's more, this video shows a totally enraptured crowd , in each instance, totally transported on a wave of Yes, the term fits completely: This song might well make a good anthem for the entire field "Polka Joy.

Beautifully filmed by "Worlddancing". There are performances that have received more "views" than some of these especially the most recent ones , and some that feature equally proficient playing but I don't recall seeing any that show singers, musicians, spectators and dancers in such perfect harmony and joy: Each of these segments is a lasting tribute to the very best that this field has to offer the world.

To borrow a term made familiar to us by a recent writer, God bless everyone involved in creating these lasting tributes to polka music, which will in all likelihood pass on the message of what "Polka Joy", at its best, was all about long after we are gone from the scene.

John Gora with Jan Cyman. FL "Polka Medley". So who says dancing the polka isn't fun? These differ in name, but there the difference ceases--the dances are precisely the same.

You have only to spin around with frightful velocity and steer clear of the furniture. This has a charming and bewildering effect. You catch glimpses of a confused and whirling multitude of people, and above them a row of distracted fiddlers extending entirely around the room. The waltz and the polka are very exhilarating--to use a mild term--amazingly exhilarating. Submitted by Valerie Kij Longfellow. For the best in polka music on the internet - www. Polka Calendars. This Calendar can be viewed at www.

New York area — www. Mollie B schedule — www. Florida Polka Schedule — email: Bradturk cox. Polonia Music's. Polonia Music. Polka Band Links. A Touch of Brass Polka Band. The Ablemen. The Alaska Polka Chips. Alex Meixner Band.

The Ampol Aires. Ania Piwowarczyk. The currently retiring "boomers" make up the largest, wealthiest, customer segment of its kind in history. These folks are generally active, in good health, have disposable income, like to travel, want to socialize, and like to dance.

Sounds like perfect polka targets to me. Since our population continues to grow in the US a person dies every 14 seconds, but a baby is born every 8 seconds , this demographic will continue to grow.

Properly reaching out to this segment could improve the future outlook for the polka industry. Happy New Year! Mike Matousek. Post by WYZZkid I rarely post here and quite frankly, I thought I would bashed for this topic but I'm pleased with the dialog between the participants.

FYI, I have no personal issues or animosity for any band or leader. In response to a few things I read, yes, I do love Eastern Style. While dancing this weekend, I think I found out why I like it-the dancers on the floor flow better. By that I mean dancers to a slower beat can't make a full twirl because they do not have the momentum required.

That means no one glides around the floor like a Harvest Moon dancer. While I picked on the Darlak video since this is a permanent record of the fun of a live dance I feel that if they had a problem looking good and playing at the same time, they could have recorded the audio first and then do the video portion from a playback and just lip-sync as has been done numerous times on TV and movies. Sure, it takes more time and costs more but I think the end product would have both sounded and looked good.

Not everything that gets recorded should be released. Tape and digital recordings can be erased and done over again. Both ensembles appeared in Cleveland. John Gayer's Delta Intl. Some bands produced their own albums and, for a small investment, had them pressed and packaged. The days of million-selling hits were over, however. Most releases were for 1, albums, and sell-outs were rare.

Distribution was limited because chain stores no longer handled polka recordings. Yankovic was the last Cleveland polka figure on a major label. Polkas made a strong comeback in the s. The fans of the s and s were middle-aged, and polka music offered a pleasant, nostalgic refuge. The Polka Mass was first presented in Lowellville in , with polkas and waltzes rewritten as hymns. A dozen polka broadcasts emanated from northeast Ohio. Anthony Zebrowski alone hosted 33 hours a week. Timko's Polka Place on E.

The button-box mania among Cleveland's Slovenians spread to ethnic communities as distant as Alaska. The instrument could be learned by rote, and contests and festivals boosted participation. By there were 16 clubs in Cleveland. Polka music suffered setbacks in the s.

WXEN and WZAK bumped ethnic programming in favor of disco formats, and polka disc jockeys were forced onto low-powered stations or into retirement. Sold by. Add gift options. Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by Decluttr Store.

Condition: Used: Very Good. All products are inspected and playing quality guaranteed excluding any digital content. Our friendly multilingual customer service team will be happy to resolve your queries. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. He is now a part of the band up in the sky. Thanks for sharing his great music with all of us. Our deepest sympathy to the Bulanda Family. We will sure miss Stas. What a fantastic musician!

One of the BEST! It was a pleasure having him as a friend. You could always count on Stas to put a smile on your face. Another huge loss to the polka field. January 9, Our deepest sympathy to your family. We have always enjoyed Stas's music and know that he will now be an important part of the greatest polka band in heaven. Melanie and Bill E. Chesterton, IN. His songs and voice will be greatly missed.

Our prayers are with you. Dear Diane The polka universe has dimmed with loss of this shining talent. Stas carried the torch of polka music to a new generation of musicians and listeners. He brought joy to thousands of people over the years with his smile, laughs and heart-felt songs.

He was one of a kind and we are all richer for having had him in our lives. Stas will be missed but not forgotten. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. Stas was a great musian and although we never played with Stas we played at many halls where he was playing and we all had a great time. He will be missed. The "Krystalites". To the Bulanda family, We are very sorry for your loss. Stas will very definitely be missed.

In addition to his musical talent, he had a wonderful sense of humor. We always knew we were in for a fun time at Archers Pub or Janina's when Stanley was there. Susie and Candy Smolak. We were sorry to learn about Stas'. Cherish the pleasant memories he brought to your family, friends, and the public through his precious gift of music. It was wonderful being with him in Cleveland this past summer of for his induction into the "Polka Hall of Fame. He will be truly missed by the Polka field but you should be proud of him.

My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time and in the days ahead. It was quite a shock to hear of his passing. He was a fantastic musician and vocalist.

His band was one of the greatest in the Polka field. He was friendly and always acknowledged you whenever he saw you. We always enjoyed going to see him play. May he rest in peace in Polka heaven! He will be missed!! Our deepest sympathies to the family. I have heard the Bulanda name as long as I have been married. I remember Stas playing for our Family Fest at St.

Denis, many years ago. He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered by many. Our deepest synpathy and prayers go out to you on your loss.

All the memories of carnivals, picnics and the music that brought happiness into our hearts will be remembered. To the Bulanda Family, May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. Ryan and Joanne Homa.

To Diane and children On behalf of Delphine and Paul Kuhar we extend our deepest sympathy in your time of loss, Stanley was agreat friend and a talent that will be missed, he will always be in our prayers.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Bulanda family. I don't think there is any deeper pain, or sense of loss than loosing a Loved one you care about so deeply. I truely feel saddened by your loss. We offer our deepest sympathies to the Bulanda family. Stas was a great entertainer and a true advocate of good old fashioned Chicago style polka music.

He will continue to live on thru his music, that we enjoy so much. Dear Bulanda Family, Our sincerest condolences on your loss of Stash. He was in our opinion one top notch concertina player and Polish vocalist.

We absolutely loved his music and had in fact hired him to play for our 40th wedding anniversary in Wausau, WI. He did a terrific job which we captured all on tape. Now the sights and sounds of his music can live on forever in our home.

Thanks again, Stash. May you rest in peace. Stas was one of a kind.. He was a Friend and a Fellow Musician. He will be sadly missed and the only consolation will be his recordings.. To Diane and Sta's Children.. Your Father was a great man. Remember Love far surpasses death. He will always be with you. In your heart and minds. Not only to you but all his fans. Many of us ,musicians and fans, had many good times with Stas.

I have been in Toledo for 3 years now and I will not able to attend the Wake and Funeral, I would have liked to have been there for Stas's wake but with work and weather , am unable to be there I offer my Sympathy to the Bulanda Family on the loss of Stas.

I am sure that there will not be a radio station that will not be playing his music. His Memory will be Eternally, in our minds and hearts. My Prayers are with all of the Family and also for Stas. My Deepest Sympathy to Diane and the Kids I knew Stas for many years , We performed together in his early years and remained friends.

Oct 17,  · Polka Carousel, Sundays 8am-noon! Join TZ as he spins polka classics and current hits live from the WHMP studios every Sunday morning, 8 to noon! Recent Headlines. 6 hours ago in Local. COVID News for Western Mass Today's top coronavirus news stories for Western Mass.

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  1. Label: Ampol Records - LP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Polka Stas Golonka And His Chicago Masters* - Bundle Of Polkas (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
  2. Stan Golonka Honky Sound pf Polkas vinyl LP Ampol Records Sealed polka in Music, Records | eBay.
  3. VG+ vinyl LP. Sleeve has edge wear. They will most likely have background noise. Background noise will be evident. Very Good (VG) records in this grade were well loved and well played but not abused.
  4. Mar 24,  · Stan Golonka and the Chicago Masters from the Bel-Aire Polka Days. Polonia Grove Chicago IL Polkas and Polka Music. Polonia Grove Chicago IL Polkas and Polka Music. Polkas United - http.
  5. Jun 02,  · Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters () - Life Together Polka Stan Golonka - Bel-Aire Polka Days - Polonia Grove, Chicago, IL - Polkas - Polka Music - #1 - Duration:
  6. Chicago polka label Parent Label: Bel-Aire. Contact Info: Original address: W. Diversey, Chicago Stan Golonka And His Chicago Masters: Honky Sound Of Polkas LP Stan Golonka And His Chicago Masters: Here Comes Stas.
  7. Jul 19,  · Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters perform "One Heart Waltz" from their album "Hooked On Honky".
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