Aqua - Various - I Hear A New Girl: This Is The Modern World WFMU Promo (CD)

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Top Ten Releases Exclusive. New Releases. Reduction Pt. Featured Charts. Weekend Picks 40 Beatport. Exclusives Only: Week 39 Beatport. September Charts Ralf Gum. Zamekile Chart Cee ElAssaad. Hype Picks. The Mike Show makes its debut. A very irate hot dog vendor calls in. Tompkins makes an in-studio appearance.

Callers include Sean and Mitch from Newbridge. The topic is 'You're Not Fooling Anyone'. The Police and Elvis Costello face the music. Bernie Taupin makes a call that is not to be missed. The Mike Show returns. Mike Francesa takes on Snack Mountain.

Springsteen at the Super Bowl is discussed. Tom slips on the ice twice. Joe Torre is a rat. Jon Glaser, star of Delocated makes an in-studio appearance.

Pilot hero " Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger " makes a very exciting and troubling call. Comic Con is discussed.

The 'shop for a coffin' guy calls in. Patton Oswalt is in the studio. Darren from work calls in. Jason Woliner hangs in the background. A post-marathon show filled with exhaustion and gratitude. Tom's very unhealthy cousin calls in. Fredericks logs a world class call. Tom gets a call from a Fellow Newbridge Green Raiders supporter. Watchmen is discussed at length.

There's a correction in the Rush market. An irate Boxmasters fan calls in. Kids Radio is debuted. Special guest Paul F. Tompkins is in the studio. Tom calls John Hodgman. The captain of the hijacked boat calls in. Martin Short calls in and talks about Tom's favorite film Clifford and more. Tom hears from a basketball legend.

We hear another installment of The Mike Show. Spike makes the ultimate turf out. An in-studio appearance by Todd Barry and receives a call from a frustrated comedian.

The Mike Show has special guest Kevin Smith. Aimee Mann and Patton Oswalt are live in the studio. Del The Pizza Guy pays a visit. Match Wits With Mike is played. Zach Galifianakis calls in. Callers include Spike and Larry The Perv, unhinged. Tompkins and John Hodgman are live in studio. A Newbridge superstar jock calls in. Debut of The Julie Show. James is live in studio. Tom's godfather calls in. Larry The Perv attempts to debut his play. Spike announces he's writing a book.

The topic is 'It's Time To Stop'. The Brushman calls in. Dumb vanity license plates are discussed. The Neil Young box gets Tom mad. It's strike two for Larry The Perv and his play. Ted Leo is live in the studio. The Brushman stops by the studio to do battle with Tom. It's strike three for Larry The Perv and his play. A true battle of wits is had with a caller trying to beat Tom at his own mind game.

A man looking to spread his talent across the land calls in. The topic 'Going South' brings out some great stories. Tom talks of a fake Guy Fieri. Tompkins makes an in-studio visit. Darren from work makes a great call. The Gathering of the Juggalos is discussed. The Mighty Boosh call in to talk about things. Aimee Mann swings by the studio to talk and debut her advice segment Ask Aimee. A disgruntled juggalo calls in.

The Mike Show is back. Darren from work is in Los Angeles. Tom talks of Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop. Scumm Force is debuted. A short installment of The Mike Show is heard. John Mulaney Paul F. John Mulaney, Paul F. Tompkins and Ted Leo are in the studio. A Newbridge baseball legend calls in.

Jen Kirkman and John Hodgman call in. Patton Oswalt gets Metsmerized! A caller has a cursed family. Matt Fraction gets interviewed by the Tombstone Kid. Tom conducts a special interview with Sanjaya.

There is talk of Inglourious Basterds. Next week's Best Show Meetup Show is discussed. Spike mourns the passing of the Guiding Light.

The H-man goes on trial. Wally Wackiman makes his debut. A fantasy football fan talks about his team. Larry Da Perv and Laurie from Miami go on a radio date. Tom's uncle wants to jam with Santana. Jen Kirkman and Paul F. Tompkins call in. Shohreh Aghdashloo 's breathing issues are discussed. Tom's car broke down. Spike discusses why he keeps weirdos exposed at work instead of at home.

Nardwuar Ted Leo Mike Simonetti. Tom talks of Brad Benson and his horrible commercials. David the intern stops in. The one and only Nardwuar calls in. Tom returns from Lipstick City with tales of Jimmy Webb , panic attacks and celebrity sightings. Philly Boy Roy issues a World Series challenge. Tom reminds Mike that it is harder than it looks. John Hodgman Paul F. John Hodgman, Paul F.

Tompkins, and David Rees are in the studio. There is talk of rage. Tom does his 'fontasy' basketball draft from a Kinko's on the Sunset Strip. There is a discussion of how fat Chris Christie is. Andrew W. Philly Boy Roy loses everything. Sam Seder calls in. Spike admits something for the sake of this conversation that rocks the world. Terre T is in studio. WFMU history is heard in the making. A call from a man who is trapped by his own existence.

Bryce requests Zappa. Fredericks Den is heard. Andrew Sandoval is interviewed. Bad business names are discussed. Aimee Mann and Todd Barry are in the studio. Aimee sings songs and Todd is funny. The H-man, Paul F. Tompkins, and a guy in England with a horrible iPhone call in.

There's razor talk. Peanut Butter Pete introduces the show. There's a serious discussion of child on child violence. Tommy Heinsohn and his points are condemned. Tom searches for flip flops in Boston. Sean and Shane stop by the studio.

Tom talks of last-minute Christmas gifts and hears holiday wishes from all your favorites, including the Denver Nuggets and Chicago Bulls. It's the last Best Show of the decade. Celebrity chef Victor Freeman stops by to cook in the studio. The heroes and villains of are discussed. Tompkins, Eric Wareheim and Jen Kirkman call in.

It is the first Best Show of the decade. Comedian Patton Oswalt checks in. Wally Wackiman is a cyclops.

A food delivery guy talks about his website. Gallagher 's meltdowns are discussed. Tom wishes the happiest of New Years to you and yours. An aspiring horror filmmaker stops by to discuss his star-studded project. Tom asks if he should go see Avatar or Sherlock Holmes. Tom gives his thoughts on Conan versus Leno. Tom tries to earn Ted Leo a Shorty Award. Wally melts down and the H-man interviews Aziz Ansari. Author and funny person Julie Klausner is live in studio.

Bryce checks in from the hospital. The topic is 'Just Desserts'. Discussion includes talk of Avatar and overweight Nazis. Tom is cranky and Mike takes the show to Mike places.

Matt Fraction is in studio. Tom tells the details of his action-packed trip to and from Atlanta. Tompkins, John Hodgman, and Tom's daddy. Ted Leo debuts a song written for Tom.

Tom talks with Tim and Eric about their new show. He also talks to comic Matt Walsh. After subsequently banning Matt for his toilet mouth, Tom sinks into a bad, bad mood. Tom and co-host Hatch welcome Ted Leo back to help raise the money. Bryce and a dude from the Shout! Network are in the studio.

Comedy, a nerd battle, laughs, fundraising, and triumph ensue. Tom apologizes to Vampire Weekend. Tom's cousin Willy calls in to discuss the joys of seeing a newborn. Tompkins calls in and discusses John McCain 's eating habits and the Rocky statue. Tom is visited by the dejected owner of a pizzeria. A Beatles super fan stops by the studio to school Tom. The Anvil movie bums Tom out. Morning Glory. Negus Roots. Over the Bridge. Roots Garden Records. King Tubby. King Tubby's Music.

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