Και Τριγυρίζω - Various - Νούμερο 1 Επιτυχίες 96 (CD)

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Have you ever had a gig in which there were less than a hundred in the crowd? How did you feel? I played a party for 30 people once. It was a competition to have me DJ in your house. It was really good fun. Which is the highlight of your musical journey?

I love that connection I have with the crowd when I know they totally trust what I am doing and this allows me to take them on that journey. There is no better feeling as a DJ. Do you remember your 13hour set in Cavo Paradiso back in ? Was it the crowd, the gig space or the music that fascinated you that much?

Of course I do! It was a special gig not only for me but for everyone that was there. As I explained above the crowd there wanted to party, I wanted to play and nobody wanted to leave. Is it normal for a subculture to be mainstream and kind of popish?

How do you get back on your feet after an extremely difficult situation? Finally we want to share with us your top5 tracks of all time… 1. Leftfield - Song Of Life 2. Frankie Knuckles - Your Love 3. Donna Summer - I Feel Love. USM I talked with him about his dreams, how he came in contact about electronic music and his future plans for his label Sonido Rec. I first came in touch with electronic music in the age of I remember that a friend, back then, talked me into going to a party that was taking place at Offenbach - the name of the club was Robert Johnson.

From the first moment at that club, the music and the people took my breath away. I have always been open to other genres of music too, but this was something new and different. It immediately got my attention. I started producing music in with poor equipment and with the purpose to make my own music.

What does Sonido mean? When did the label start, which was your dream back then? Sonido Rec…. In spanish, sonido means sound.

Timo started the label in the October of In the November of the same year, we met and in I became label head. My dream was to make releases and present to the people music that is a bit different from the usual. But trying, at the same time, to project the same message and interest, just like the first time when I listened to this kind of music. How did you feel when you first played in Cocoon club lounge? Which was the craziest moment that you remember from there? Playing at Cocoon, one of the biggest clubs in the world, was not only a great honor and joy but also, an experience.

My first solo live premiere was at the Cocoon club lounge during the after hour party that occurred right after the end of the Merkwurdiges verhalten. Then, we started a number of label nights at Cocoon club lounge with the name Bar Sonido. Hmm… The craziest moment that comes to mind is that the main floor of Cocoon was empty while the lounge, where we were playing music, was full of people.

Tell us about your future plans. I have already started making my first, personal album. Probably it will be finished by Lastly, many releases in Sonido, digital and vinyl from new artists. I learned a lot about harmonics and I tried to create new sounds while using two or three synths with the same melody together. Was there a plan from the start for the album or was it more trial and error? First I have to say that I never thought I could do an album but at the beginning of I felt it was the right time to try it!

After 3 or 4 months I almost canceled the album but then I had a studio session with Chriss Vogt. From this point onwards I changed my work flow and the music style to be a bit more open minded for his sounds and we found fast a good way to work together. I was thinking about doing an album for a long time but it was too big for me. I did so many tracks and remixes in the last three years that I wanted to find me again, so it was in a sense a journey of self discovery.

Would you do anything differently? The album is perfect like it is. Sure I could do new tracks for it but as always doing new stuff that you like more because you listened the other tracks too often will always be an issue. But the album is perfect for me so all is cool : Have you thought about the next one yet?

Sure and we are already thinking about the new concept. But we will do some e. But it will definitely be a collaboration with Chriss again. How have reactions on the dancefloor been? I played all the tracks off the album at different parties around the world and all have worked great so far and had good reactions too!

Will there be any remixes at all or? What else you got coming up? Should people expect this sort of sound from one of your DJ sets? What are your plans for the rest of ? Working on some new e. I am convinced that only several of you remember the first edition of Time Warp. For many years Time Warp has been the most important techno stop in Europe, has gathered more fans every year, has taken places in several locations in Europe. But it has finally settled in Mannheim about 1 hour away from Frankfurt.

Time Warp is a kind of techno culture that attracts everyone with their outstanding atmosphere, huge Line Up, fantastic people and thumping great electronic sounds.

Every year the hunger for techno sounds draws flocks of techno tourists have followed the signs of Time Warp. If you joined there once, you will want to attend every year. I have observed from the past Time Warp has had the big influence on all the people.

What is more in my opinion the festival is responsible for creating awareness of electronic music for all of who attend! Time Warp is definitely the event that manages to attract techno tourists.

Every year we experience a high standard of music. Time Warp has a long history of electronic music in Germany. It may be a surprise for those having there the first experience of the festival but not for the faithful who have been coming to Mannheim for many years, they have always been aware of the power of that incredible music.

Well… It all began in The magic date — 26th of November kicked off one of the massive festival in Europe. After the positive feedback the Time Warp appeared next year. In the location was changed and moved to familiar Maimarthalle in Mannheim.

The 20th of May was the time where the father of Cocoon Records and Cocoon Club in Frankfurt joined for the first time the big family of this festival. The high quality programme got more than It boggles my mind that this festival was born 18 years ago especially when I was only 10 years old child and collecting cassettes of Michael Jackson.

I have never thought that a few years later I would join the electronic music lovers and become a Time Warp fan! How did the journey of techno sounds start? In Time Warp abandoned her home town and headed to Berlin to Arena where it was the magical live by Orbital. There were three editions and each of them were situated in different location. For those who missed these events could catch the great vibes in Speyer. But in her hometown the location scouts discovered the perfect place to fit the idea of the venue.

The huge industry area was shared for 7 smaller areas, a chill out room and an outdoor area. The positive news about the festival spread the word so a mass of techno fans came from all over Europe. The peak of the evening in Bremem 3 months later was the set played by Thomas Schumacher. The 10th edition of Time Warp was celebrated in Werkhof Mannheim and because of the great memories from the year before where the party people were rocking the place till very late in the morning in that year organizer resolved on coming back to Bremem.

However it was the last time when Time Warp was built up in that place. Time Warp was travelling around Germany looking for the nice locations but her heart belongs to Maimarkthalle which has been a real hot spot till nowadays.

Since Maimarkthalle more and more fans have seated from all over the world. The most incredible live act was presented by Laurent Garnier who gripped the crowd sounds like the best memories every year when the French father of techno appears behind the desks. In until four events were signatured by Time Warp in one year. That year the Line Up temped even the most choosy funs of techno sounds.

It was no a small wonder because organizers have assured a high standard of music like every year. During next two years Time Warp was on the up and up and highly influenced on the audience awareness level that everybody knew the way to Mannheim.

The 10th anniversary felt on They joined forces with TDK. What is more the first time the festival was organized abroad with a big success. A new innovation was introduced in when the city of Mannheim was celebrated its th. Time Warp was the official part of the ceremony. Time Warp broaden their musical horizons significantly and the way of festival culture. Who from the new names graced with their presence that night?

In apart from the Mannheim Time Warp started their trip tour around Europe to the clubs. Furthermore Holland became a double lucky devil because Time Warp found there the next home base. Hearthrob, Joris Voorn, Johnny D played incredible live act. Holland has stayed as city partner for German edition of Time Warp till nowadays. And finally Time Warp reached the 15th anniversary in Also for 5 days we were witnesses of all events dedicated to the best music sounds.

*Γιορτάζουμε και σας χαρίζουμε δώρα* Το Thegreeksenergy κλείνει 5 χρόνια λειτουργίας του και χαρίζει σε 12 νικητές δώρα. Οι 11 πρώτοι που θα κληρωθούν θα κερδίσMissing: Various.

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  5. 2, 3, 9, 30, 36 και ο αριθμός ΤΖΟΚΕΡ είναι το Στο ΠΡΟΤΟ σήμερα Πέμπτη 14/11/19 οι τυχεροί της 1ης κατηγορίας θα μοιραστούν το ποσό των ευρώ μετά το ΤΖΑΚ-ΠΟΤ που σημειώθηκε κατά την προηγούμενη Missing: Various.
  6. και πίσωθέ του έτρεχαν γοργόνες με φτερά. —Σαν πάμε στο Άντεν, μου ’λεγε, και συ θα δοκιμάσεις. Εγώ γλυκά του χάριζα και λάμες ξουραφιών και του ’λεγα πως το Missing: Various.
  7. Το νούμερο 1 3 5 δηλώνει τις βασικές νότες που περιέχει ένα ακόρντο.. Το νούμερο 1 4 5 δηλώνει τα βασικά ακόρντα ενός δρόμου Στα ακόρντα Πάντα η 1η νότα με την 5η του ακόρντου πρέπει να έχουν απόσταση 3 ½ τόνους.
  8. Ο οικισμός, που βρίσκεται στην ευρύτερη περιοχή/ακτή που ξεκινά από τον Γαλατά και τελειώνει στο Πόρτο Χέλι, ξεκίνησε να χτίζεται στα μέσα της δεκαετίας του ’70 και συνεχίζει να επεκτείνεται ακόμα και σήμερα.Missing: Various.
  9. 5 δραχμές νούμερο 2 diaylosark Banned. Αναρτήσεις: 91 Νήματα: 15 Εγγραφή: 06/12/16 #1. 10/11/17 5 δραχμές νούμερο 2 Καλορίζικο και καλή συνέχεια!

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